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Robert Jordan's official blog. Now occasionally contributed to by his family

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I noticed in browsing the other day that someone wondered whether my cold was part of my "cancer." I want to quash that one before it turns into a rumor. I do not have cancer. I did have a cold that had me sick as a dog for three days, but not cancer. I've been undergoing a thorough checkup since finishing Knife of Dreams, with every sort of test you can imagine, and believe me, if there was any suspicion of such a thing, I would know.   This should be confirmation that I do lurk upo

Guest Robert Jordan

Guest Robert Jordan


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Hi, guys. I was going to put up a regular post here today, but that is going to have to wait a few days. You see, Mike Ford died last night. To you, he was John M. Ford, two-time winner of the World Fantasy Award, including for Winter Solstice Camelot Station, the only poem ever to win the short fiction award. Or maybe you're a Star Trek Fan and remember his Star Trek novels, such as How Much for the Just Planet? (the only flat-out comedy among all the Trek novels, I think) or The Final Refl

Guest Robert Jordan

Guest Robert Jordan


'Thank you's from Harriet and RJ

Harriet and RJ have asked me to publish these quick thank you's:   Dear Chris Lim, thank you very much for your gift in my honor to the Hematologic Malignancies Program -- amyloidosis research. It is a great compliment to me and I am very grateful to you. Sincerely, Robert Jordan   Another dear person has sent a gift to Mayo. Please post Jim's thank-you to Mr. John Smedley.   Dear John Knam, Greg Pearson, Michael Kemp, William Walker, Carlos Franco, and Jenna Medaris: Thank you very mu

Guest Jason

Guest Jason

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