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Summer Blockbusters

June 20th is Officially the first Day of Summer in North America.   What Summer Blockbusters are you looking forward to this year? Which ones will you brave the Movie Theaters to go watch? Here's some I want to see this summer!  

May - Activities and Discussions

The Month of May is host to an array of Holidays.    May 1st. We start the first day of May off with May Day. This is a holiday that we never celebrated growing up. Later in life (around middle school) everyone talked about it, but I was in the dark. All I was able to gather from fellow students and teachers that assumed everyone knew what it was... Was that girls would give boys a basket of flowers as a way to ask them out to a dance. Traditionally that dance was a cele

Updated the Entertainment Forums

Hey all! I merged the "Movies & TV Shows", "Video Games & Board Games", "Music", "Books", and "Youtube" forums all into a new forum called "Entertainment Discussion". If things pick up, we might see some of those forums come back.   For the Month of April, I would like to know what type of activities you all would like to see the Entertainment Club Host?


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