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Reading The Wheel of Time first (well, basically first) time.

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New Spring 05 - The Human Heart

Welcome in the next episode of “Hannibal Lecter’s Guide to Human Anatomy”!   Unfortunately chapter’s title doesn’t refers to wicked necromantic rituals or even common cannibalism, it’s just about love and making babies, blah, blah. Anyway we stays with Moiraine and Siuan as they are collecting names of babies in Murandian camp. Murandians don’t make things easy for them, they are definitely stuck in “asshole nations” protocol.   But let’s put them aside, because we’ve got two new Aes Sedai c

Wicked Woodpecker of West

Wicked Woodpecker of West

New Spring 04 - Leaving the Tower

Welcome to Hitchhiker’s Guide to Tar Valon.   That wasn’t really action-packed chapter. I would say even more, basically nothing happened. Accepted left White Tower and rode to army camps. That’s all. So the most interesting part was quite interesting description of Ancient and Most Noble City of Tar Valon, famous for its unique and rather pointless architecture. Antonio Gaudi would be proud of your imagination Mr. Jordan.   Anyway, what’s more important all those fancy cat-like towers, bird

New Spring 03 - Practice

So, the Amyrlin Seat wants to find the Dragon Reborn through really expensive baby census. I am not sure what to think about that. Even if she manage to get Him on her lists, how is she going to recognize him? I mean, he’s just a baby, he won’t be channeling for a long, long time. And anyway Destiny is a bitch, you cannot just try to buy it, it will turn around and bite your head off.   Anyway we have a lot of background information in this chapter. Seven Ajahs are Blue, White, Red, Green, Bro

New Spring 02 - A Wish Fulfilled

The Prophecy is fulfilled and the Dragon is Reborn!   Well, that’s something I was looking forward to. And now all hell will break loose. Yay! Well, probably yay. Anyway putting Prophecy - or should I say Foretelling – aside, this chapter includes lot of interesting stuff.   So, the Aes Sedai are ruled by a leader called Amyrlin Seat1, which holds almost absolute power over White Tower. Her deputy is called Keeper of Chronicles. Aes Sedai divide themselves into seven Ajahs, which are probabl

New Spring 01 - The Hook

So, obviously the kneeling man from e-book cover is Lan Mandragoran, POV of the first chapter. Lan is an archetypal prince of exile; he was saved as an infant from some unspecified doom that destroyed kingdom of Malkier, he has grumpy, old mentor Bukama and a magical sword That Cannot Be Broken. Well, that’s way of improvement since Lord of the Rings. He’s also extremely competent and efficient commander leading his own troop of soldiers during a war against folk called Aiel. However, he’s defin

New Spring - predictions and expectations

Reading time!   But first take a look on a cover 1.   I've seen most of original covers of US (and Polish) editions and let’s just say... They are wrong. Just wrong. People riding somewhere, people riding somewhere, oh wait people standing somewhere. They look just like cinema posters before Second World War. They lack any distinct power that would say: Hey, that's a hell of an epic fantasy. Let's read it!   Just look on it. It's just inappropriate.     Thankfully there are some

The Strike at Shayol Ghul

I know, I know, this is not the proper order of reading.   What can I say, I always like to read novels in chronological order, not caring about publishing order. Anyway The Strike at Shayol Ghul wasn't much surprise to me. I already knew that The Wheel of Time is about guy called Dragon, who saved the world from a local version of Big Evil1, and would be reborn in the future to fight BE once again. I knew that only women can use their mojo safely, cose The Dark One tainted male half with madn

There is no beginning...

Please allow me to introduce myself.   My name is Simon, I am twenty six and I came from savage, eastern wilderness known as Poland1. And truly, this is not a beginning.   Once upon a time (last October I suppose), I created blog to record my journey through The Wheel of Time saga. As it quickly turned out, writing regular reviews in foreign language isn’t as easy as I thought. Especially when you are in a middle of quite interesting part of your life. So I abandoned New Spring halfway up, a
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