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Book #14 of the WOT ???

THE RAVEN PRINCE The battle is over, and the world is slowly recovering. Ninaeve and Lan, are gathering  the remnants of the Malkieri, and returning to rebuild Lan's homeland. Perrin and Fail travel to Saldea where Fail assumes the throne, and Perrin becomes a king. Loial returns to Steading Shangti to write his book, and enjoy married life. His talent as a "Tree Singer" improves. Rand, no longer the Dragon Reborn, goes by the name "Elan", and spends his time traveling. The Tuathan, the Tra

Donald Bruce Cowin

Donald Bruce Cowin

Review of a Memory of Light

I have read "The Wheel of Time" series, again and again, sometimes reading each entry, as many as 6 times. I know the story and the story line, backwards and forwards. I consider myself a HUGE fan. That being said, I find myself disappointed and let down by the final installment in the series. There was much left out and many loose ends left untied. These are just a few of the discrepancies I found, which left me dissatisfied. After Moraine was rescued, there is no mention of her bonding Thom, o

Donald Bruce Cowin

Donald Bruce Cowin

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