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Jason Denzel

Hi everyone, 


DM is currently undergoing some major updates and changes in order to get ready for the WoT TV show. We anticipate a surge of fan activity and interaction as the show gets closer. Even though we are still a year or two away from the show's release, now is the time for us to plan. 


As a result, I've worked with the DM Admins to implement the following changes:


  1. Most of our existing forums will be closed and archived. 
  2. Many of our Social Groups will be closed and archived.
  3. The remaining Social Groups will be moved to a new part of the website, and given some new features. (More on this next week)
  4. The Role Playing forums will also be closed and archived, but also moved to a new part of the site. (We might put the RP into read-only mode for a while so existing content is still visible)


To be clear:  our currently active social groups and the RP are not going away. They are moving away from our forums to a new area of the site where they will be given new features, and promoted more heavily. This is a good change.


If you would like to be a part of this change, and maybe step up and have a larger role in our new version of these social groups, contact myself, Verbal, or another DM admin:  admins@dragonmount.com.




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