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The 4th Age Podcast

"Welcome to the 4th Age, a Wheel of Time podcast brought to you by"

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Meet the Team

Virginia O'Connor
"Hi everyone, I'm the senior producer of the 4th Age, and it's always such a pleasure to be involved with the show.

Virginia OConnor Besides being a huge WoT fan and podcaster on the 4th Age Podcast, I am a breeder and exhibitor of champion Smooth Fox Terriers under the Laurelton prefix, I've bred over 70 champions since 1981, and my dogs and their descendants can be found all over the world, from New Zealand to the Ukraine. I am also a working artist, and I have oil paintings and bronzes in major collections worldwide. I also enjoy Texas Hold'em poker and I follow the stock market obsessively - technical analysis is a real challenge. I love anything to do with computers, the internet, Photoshop and games. I'm also a Realtor® in Southern California. I live in a small mountain town which makes pre-Trolloc invasion Emond's Field look big. We don't even have an inn! Or DSL... sigh. My biggest problem is there isn't enough time to do all the things I enjoy. My websites are, and"

Andrew Gelos
"Hello everyone, I am Andrew Gelos and this is 'WoT you should know... about me.'

Andrew Gelos I was a long time fan of the Wheel of Time series before hearing of the podcast. When I first started listening, I was working in a local theatre box office, and was thrilled when the first podcaster auditions went out. Unfortunately, I missed the first dead-line; but I continued listening and offering my own helpful (and sometimes critical) feedback nonetheless. When Jayson, Carrie, and Ben (the original podcast team) put out a call for a stand-in podcaster later, I was probably one of the first 3 people to respond, and they brought me on for a trial run. The long and short of it is that after that first recording, the crew decided that I'd be better as a permanent addition. So, if your new to the podcast, I joined the show on Episode #17, in September of 2006.

I am a huge science fiction fan and a rabid reader. When I first picked up the series I read the whole set (then 9 books long) in under 3 months. I was captured by the immense and intricate plot system and the vast array of characters. More over, I was introduced to a new fictional language 'The Old Tongue,' which I have been accused of being fluent in throughout the podcast. I love fictional languages, especially figuring out how they relate to the actual languages from which they are modeled. This lingual interest has been a great aid to me in developing character voices for various vocal readings of The Wheel of Time and other fictional series I have participated in. The rest... well you can probably pick it up in the podcast itself. As always, for myself Andrew Gelos and everyone here at The 4th Age, 'Suravye ninto manshima taishite.'"

Marc S
Marc S "Hi, I'm Marc. I'm a mid-twenties self-styled computer nerd who's going to school to be an even bigger computer nerd. Can you tell that I'm a nerd ? =) I've been reading the Wheel of Time since the dying months of the 20th century, and have been an avid fan since. When the 4th Age was in the late 30s episodes, they asked for more people to join the podcast, so I sent a quick blurb in, and was instantly accepted. Since then, I've been recording sporadically, helping when I can, and otherwise being a helping yet somewhat unobtrusive hand.

And yes, those are a lot of WoT books in the background on the dresser. I have most of them in hardcover, and all in paperback, including the latest ones autographed."

Spencer Powell
Spencer Powell "Hey all! My life reads like a textbook; that is to say, mostly boring with brief spots of semi-interesting content. Being the youngest team member on the 4th Age at a mere twenty-two years, I've not had as much time with the Wheel of Time as the others. I distinctly remember the summer I first read The Eye of the World on the recommendation of a librarian I'll forever be indebted to. It was the same summer before Knife of Dreams came out. Even though I had to wait only weeks to read it, they were, to me, incredibly long weeks, and it was the discovery of and The 4th Age that kept me satiated as I waited impatiently to get my hands on book eleven. Flash forward several months - maybe as much as a year - to where I answered a call to help edit the podcast. My first recording became episode 51, and during our communications Virginia invited me to join in the next recording session. And the rest, as they say, is history."