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  1. Roll Call: January 2018

    Hey mention notifications work!
  2. Welcome

    Oh right. Yes for vote tags
  3. Cancelled.

    >.> <. < Uncancelled?
  4. Welcome

  5. Offline glitches

    I know all about the hassle of selecting the proper section to remove stuff on mobile. I tend to select a section that's close to all of it, then manually backspacing the stragglers.
  6. Roll Call: January 2018

    So how many points do I have, and what can I do with them?
  7. A decision about mafia

    I was away for longer. It could have happened before the site was down.
  8. Roll Call: January 2018

    Weird. I haven't seen ads.
  9. Roll Call: January 2018

  10. A decision about mafia

    If this game is what i think it it, i already submitted my /in to you when you talked about it. Have I missed it?
  11. It says offline

    [/img] Was still able to get into forums and pms so....*shrug* Img tag may no longer be necessary...
  12. Unofficially, of course. Felt like it should be here now that the site is up and running again. Question: What do you think of the new site? I don't have the authority to assign points, but as you all know it's typically 5 for signing in and 5 for answering. As for my answer, it's ok. Annoyed at the offline, but not. Unsure if I didn't have permission to get on or not. The look is...acceptable.
  13. The Mafia Parable: Basic Game OVER

    Pretty sure he's fine with that.
  14. The Mafia Parable: Basic Game OVER

    Day 2 Final Vote Count DPR (2/5): Ben, Rand Marsh (1/5): BFG Sooh (4/5): Nyn, SK, Marsh, DPR Not voting (2/9): Sooh, Verb