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  1. Two Truths and One Lie - Shayol Ghul style

    Yes. You're correct.
  2. Who is your favorite Villan?

    Outside of the Wheel of Time Dragonlance: Either Raistlin Majere or Lord Soth - Raistlin Majere - Lord Soth + some back story
  3. Want some fresh points?

    If you want to call me that then sure.
  4. Two Truths and One Lie - Shayol Ghul style

    Both incorrect. I used to have a dog, but no more. New possibilities 1 I've been to only 1 different country 2 I've been in the ocean 3 I've been to England
  5. Two Truths and One Lie - Shayol Ghul style

    I don't respect myself so I guess that is why I have cats.... maybe?
  6. I hate wind when it's 40 degrees or less. It makes walking to school a whole lot harder.
  7. Want some fresh points?

    No escape from reality. Open your eyes and see... - Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
  8. Looking forward to being told to RAFO!

    Yep. The ending is worth it.
  9. But you might crumbs on/in your keyboard.
  10. Team Fortress 2

    I think this game is amazing from the cartoon looking graphics to the different weapons and cosmetics you can have in this game are almost god-like in my opinion. As well as the animated shorts that Valve did for each of the classes in the game plus the sandvich. Link to videos in you want to watch them.
  11. Or are we supposed to go back in time to make it seem like we are doing them at the same time?
  12. Are we supposed to somehow double task?
  13. But how can we crank out posts if we're busy eating brownies?