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  1. WAWC - Favorite Winter Sport

    I tried an alpine slide up in New Hampshire this summer. It was fun, but it was very different to the summer bobsled thing. Video
  2. WAWC - Favorite Winter Sport

    I tried the bobsled track once in the summer. We were literally inside a metal cage and it went really fast down the tracks on wheels. Fun times ;)
  3. WAWC-Winter Olympic Trivia!

    Ole Einar Bjørndalen?
  4. WAWC - Winter Olympic History

    "The decision is Lillyhammer!" 1994 were my favorite games. They were held in Lillehammer, 2h from here, and I was 12 years old. It was HUGE. I remember having an olympics sticker book, and a cap filled with pins about the olympics. They even brought the olympic fire to our school and had a torch set up outside the gym where the fire burned for as long as the olympics lasted. 1994 were also the games when the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan scandal happened. It was the year of vetter and Sissel Kyrkebø and the crown prince lighting the olympic fire and national pride (the positive kind) like never before. I remember so much from those games, and I have not cared for any olympic games neither before nor after this lol. Snippet from the opening ceremony. Olympic hymn by Sissel Kyrkebø.
  5. Welcome

    Don't ask about what you don't want to know.
  6. [sign up]Safari mafia - basic game

    I'll poke you on facebook.
  7. Ok, let's try this. I know we don't have our usual vote tags and everything back, but I need the distraction. Who's in? 1. AJ 2. Darthe 3. Cass 4. Lenlo 5. Ironeyes 6. Casshubster? 7. Kaylee 8. Lulz 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. ++ Replacements: Cory ?? <3
  8. Welcome

    Verb, for this you're my new hero. I'll let you know how soon I regret it :P
  9. Offline glitches

    I wish it had more standard forum settings. I miss having a list of my subscribed forums and threads so I can find it easily.
  10. Cancelled.

    If there's demand I'll run it, but I'll start the thread over again since this just becomes confusing now. Lmk and I'll put it up very soon if you guys want to play it.
  11. Welcome

    Can we do something about the double spacing? It's annoying enough in posts, but it makes the signatures absurdly large for those who have more than one line. Also add my vote on yes to vote tags and yay for Verb finding solutions. I'm not sure how compatible this forum software is with other forums', but I can ask around.
  12. Whoo! that's great news! Congratulations!
  13. Welcome

    Yeah, now I just need to figure out how to filter my unread content.