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  1. [sign up]Safari mafia - basic game

    Regardless, we still need someone to blame Sorry bub
  2. [sign up]Safari mafia - basic game

    i’m just gonna spectate poot
  3. [sign up]Safari mafia - basic game

    i'm in a game on MU starting the 15th, i can /in here after i'm out of that one if it doesn't fill by then else i'll spectate :P
  4. Welcome

    Lettuce have a good 2018
  5. Welcome

    well, we were never here for the forum software we're here for the wonderful people and fronds
  6. Welcome

    BFG <3
  7. Welcome

    I did my original account sub with Facebook, so it's probably pulling in my facebook name. Would guess that's whats going on with Darthe/Monstr.
  8. Welcome

    There are six more of you?
  9. Welcome

    get wrekt
  10. Welcome

    Hi DJ!! :)
  11. Welcome

  12. Welcome

    My name got changed?
  13. Welcome

  14. Welcome

    oh i exist
  15. political meme's & lolz

    Tyzack's dataset above is pretty much what you're gonna get Gallup started their records in 1937