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  1. Aiel belt knife

    Nothing? Cool, I can get what I want then!
  2. Aiel belt knife

    Does anyone have a description of an Aiel belt knife. The only thing I remember from the books is that they are almost long enough to be a short sword. Anyone remember any specifics as to length, heaviness of blade, type of handle and sheath...
  3. November Game: Pumpkin Spiced Love and Hate

    It is the only thing that makes pumpkin pie edible +4
  4. November Game: Pumpkin Spiced Love and Hate

    Any dark hounds to slay...? Heard they like pumpkin. -16
  5. November Game: Pumpkin Spiced Love and Hate

    The only worse flavor is banana -12
  6. November Roll Call

    Lost some skin from sparring at karate. One of the kids gouged me with a thumbnail.
  7. November Discussion: To Do Lists

    I don't do the lists, because often I don't cross them off. Then I'm sad...
  8. November Game: Pumpkin Spiced Love and Hate

    -10 Its all about the Cool Whip anyway...
  9. [Aiel Hallow's Eve] Witch's Brew (Game)

    All natural for me:arsenic, mercury, and sulpher
  10. [Aiel Hallows Eve] Cast a Spell

    A replenishing spell on my health.
  11. October Discussion: Rereads vs New Reads

    No use owning if you don’t reread in my opinion.
  12. October Discussion: Rereads vs New Reads

    I tend to re-read before trying something new. Time is too precious to waste on bad books. That said, I’m probably missing some good stuff.
  13. October Roll Call

  14. My spears are done!! New photos 10/3

    Here are a few more pics. You'll have to imagine the shield on my left arm for now... The spear heads are just over 12" including the socket. Overall spear length is 42".
  15. Marked heron blade

    Look at custom katana makers. You can get cranes on those. And, yes, I know it is supposed to be a heron - but cranes are a lot more common on Japanese swords, and what is the difference anyway...?