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  1. Casual Peak-in

    I was gone for most of 03-06 and then dipped away again for a bit because things just didn't feel the same. RP was massive (or it felt that way to me) in the combined SG/RP and the split took adjusting to. I vaguely remember the Male Channeler thread ^.^, and the name Arie seems familiar but I don't think we directly interacted? I was most active in the BotRH as Eb, but first Calia Luin in the WT (Green Aspie), and one of her (twin)brothers in the Warders. Most memorable thing they ever did was probably hang all the toilet seats in the Warders Yard trees for a prank :D I definitely recommend new characters if the itch takes you. The requirements are in the middle of being reduced etc to encourage more players across the board. As I've understood, the plan is basically submit a bio, and have fun writing. I have Eb still, and another BotRH char. I feel they get more action than my new WT Novice but that's probably on me, I think the WT is also kind of active? We're hoping to get the main plotline and each group going more this year (Vive la revolution!) so if you're keen bring friends and jump back in! ?
  2. Casual Peak-in

    Lolol, gimme time to type on my finicky phone, girl! :P There will be more RP stuff happening after this week btw, once I have access to an archive board to clean house, and time after *grumbles about various chores* I'm so itching to get back into it! *Dreams of the good old days*
  3. Casual Peak-in

    Oooohhhhhhhhh, anther oooold oldie??!! Hi!!!! I grinned so hard at this bit, if you change out the aspiring sword for some BotRH Infantry guff, I could've written all this myself! Yey/Hi! I went MIA for a while in the middle, but was most active from '98/'99 - 2003, when the RP was massive. Are you that old old? Sometimes I yeeeearnnn for some of the old old faces still! As the others said, the site is just waking up after the most recent upgrade, and we're especially hungry for more RPers, so if you still have it in you, please come backkkk!
  4. New to Dragonmount?

    Yes, the strength of a lot of the main female characters was key for me early on in the reading too. We certainly have some strong and diverse characters here too, both in the RP and in the social groups :D Pop in and say hi in all the groups that interest you when you have time, it's a good way to get a feel for things and I promise most of us don't bite! Have fun!
  5. New to Dragonmount?

    Welcome to DM, Molly :) I started reading WoT at that age too, and joined here with my bestie at about the same time to role play (write fan fic) with a character who was training for Aes Sedai :) If you want to 'be' Aes Sedai (or any other sort of character from the WoT world), and like writing, you should also check out the RP (RP or PSW). It's in the middle of being simplified and for writers/ fans can be much fun :D Essentially, if you have a character idea you'd like to flesh out and play with whilst here, let us know!
  6. Welcome! WoT in a year is a cool idea! I should really hurry up and read the last couple of books <.< *Waits to hear about the favs*
  7. [sign up]Safari mafia - basic game

    Possssiblyyyyy? I've convinced hubby to play 'at some point' in the near future (!!) and a small DM game would be a fun intro :D We're on hols for the next 5 days though, so I'll check back after!
  8. Cancelled.

    I'm busy for the next couple of weeks, But can I sign up to watch?
  9. This was fun, thanks! Chae I bet the girls were gorgeous, I'd have loved to have heard the commentary :D Will came in all upset on the first night I voted... The Sight of Spira on repeat calmed him down a treat ^.^
  10. I appreciate One Winged Angel, but I <3/enjoy Still More Fighting moarrr... Still More Fighting ftw!
  11. First one is easy, cos no way I'm going Mines of Narshe over One-Winged Angel (and why'd it win last round anyway??) But the second one hurts some. I'm too hyped up today for Sight of Spira to win out though, and regardless, the final is gonna be impossible >.< >.< >.< Still More Fighting has proven a very fun trail-run track, btw. \o/ new music! (FF7, 21) (FF7, 47)
  12. Done done *Waits for the Shiny Knight*
  13. Nice recording Shad! I'm hoping Sight of Spira beats Song of Memories tbh. Aaand done! Struggling with the first one as I like both and they're similar in complexity/drama. Probably leaning more towards One Winged Angel cos it feels less... cliché? (I think the underlying appeal of Liberi Fatali is the sense of grand epicness/heroic adventure?) One-Winged Angel (FF7, 21) vs The Sight of Spira (FF10, 13) Again, <3 Still More Fighting (FF7, 47) The Dreadful Fight (FF4, 33)