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  1. Finally, a serious topic again. So, what do you think about it? After all those squintings she has to develop deep wrinkles, don't you think? Or with proper make-up, she can conceal it?
  2. To the readers who bought the first trilogy (because WOT is a series of trilogies) in the beginning of the nineties it was extremely slow. We talked about many times in the old Usenet newsgroup. Of course, now we all look at TSR with a different eye. I wrote "I'm twisting your words" so we'd have a context, but it does not matter at all. That's the point! Jordan should have separated the main series/happenings from the rest, thus the readers are not forced to do mental gymnatics to keep WOT in shape. At least we did not go to the route à la HP, where many extremely long fanfictions have basically rewritten the whole story keeping the names only. As József Attila says: "I am angry for and not against you" - because it is heartbreaking to see what could have achieved Jordan with WOT, despite being the uncrowned king of epic fantasy.
  3. In other words: it's a joke-adaptation. I hope that he will not pull a Carmen But I really don't understand this new 'development'. Without a studio/network, how can he do anything? He cannot plan anything without knowing the finacial backgrounds etc. And why now? What's he done so far? Is he working totally alone? Or there's a team? Judging by the condition of the books he went to a bookstore and bought a stripped book a few days ago and that's it... Sony truly does take things seriously...
  4. Locations

    Now I know where Siuan was born!
  5. No, I have to stay calm. *deep breaths after deep breaths* In short the plotlines of El and PerrinFaile (or rather FAILEperrin) are tiresome and unnecessary. TSR was the first slow book, if you compare it with the later books... (Many) people come for action, and not for endless lists of names, or plots which go into nowhere. Or meaningful interaction between the characters. Not to mention the urging feeling in the first books: the seals, the seals!!! How many are them still stand??? Wait a minute, wait a minute... the seals DO NOT matter at all, so this whole pressing sense of 'the world will end in a minute!' evaporates into nothing Or "the weather thing": this plotline is just terrible. Jordan tries to reach into so many directions that everything slips through his fingers; you could cut 90% of it. The ultimate goal was to keep El in a different place. That's it. And he gives us a very interseting character, Talaan, but does he use her? No. I do not expect Tuon level high quality plotlines, but please, Mr Jordan, do not give us terrible written sections. See Ch 32 in ACOS: the first part is very good, the second good, the third one is terrible, because RJ does not find their voices. It is so badly written that sometimes I don't think that was written by Jordan. And he needs almost three books to get this plotline to its feet. Things like that never happened in earlier books! Look, the more you read the series, the more you see its faults. And as solarz says in another thread (I'm twisting their words a little bit), readers want to follow the original characters, the heroes, not to bog down with actor n732. Of course, he had no other choice because he ran out of plotlines. But, but, if you run out of plotlines, maybe you should end your story. Jordan had deadlines, and maybe he was too proud, or too smart pushing deadlines away, because he knew that his writing will not get better, and readers buy his books constantly (he was 'the' epic fantasy at certain point), so it really hard to stop. I had similar experience in a very small scale, one day maybe I will share it. And if you look at other writers, you can see that now everybody builds megaworlds with 20-30-40 books. And they do not write what they want to write, they write what the market wants. If you try something new and the readers do not want it, they have to return their original series, expanding it with more volumes. And, as we know it, there is no ending, you could continue anything. I do not care about Erikson (or his book), but his honest post is worth to quote (and his sales were always low): Now the whole market is totally different from what it was 10-15-20 yeras ago. One more thing to close this post: it is so easy to say that books after LOC are subpar. I say it so easily too. But nobody mention that writing even one, ONE good epic fantasy book is almost impossible task. And Jordan wrote 5 consecutive books on excellent quality. FIVE excellent books. Not a good one, five excellent ones. And we should be thankful for that but we are greedy, we want more. This should be in the form of +1, don't you think? And where is my wink emoticon?
  6. Locations

    It really looks stunning. I think it is cheaper to filming in real sites, just drop at them a little cgi, and voilà, we have the 'perfect' result. We only need small portions from each building to create a good enough illusion. That's what I'm talking about. Using a bit from here, then mix it up with another bit from there. TVs do things like this all the time, for example when Rowan Atkinson took a walk in Maigret (which is a terrible series - I have only wathced a few minutes from it: where is my Jean Gabin?!), as a Hungarian it was so funny to see him walking at least 6-8 different locations with just a few steps.
  7. OP, I did not read your post (not to mention the thread) just did a quick scan but the 'no spoiler' stood out, so I will be spoiler-free). No offence, also very typical of me that after posting something I do not go back to a thread, so in the past I used to get very angry Theresa Mays in my box. I hope you got the typical, standard answers, but I'm offering my thoughts too. I've been pondering your question for a long time, but you will get a weak ramble now. (I will not touch upon the estate authorized fanfictions, because I'm still too young to die in a heart attack.) I do not want to waste your time, therefore this is my short answer: Jordan set the bar too high. Way too high. The longer version: So, I've said that Jordan set the bar too high. Way too high. What does that mean? The worldbuilding, the plot, the characters etc, if you look WOT as one thing is still the best epic fantasy series. Martin came very close with the first book of ASOIAF, but the filler he put into it (starting with book 2) became unbearable by book 3-4. Only skimmed book 5 for a few minutes, then I had to accept that for me ASOIAF is a trilogy for me, nothing more. And while there were/are talented writers who possessed talent for a particular bit (worldbuilding, or characters, or plot etc) no one was able to knead all of their ingredients into such a high quality series as ours. People often say that the quality dropped after the amazing first sixth book (of course, in our club there are at least 6-8 persons, who do not read beyond TDR, because they only believe in trilogies.) About the changes in quality after LOC: while there are filler chapters in the first six books, they never reach the almost undigestable mass until ACOS. I mean, many times we meet 4-6 consecutive filler chapters, filler plotlines..Everybody can see that sometimes RJ had no idea what to do with certain characters, or he has to stall certain arcs to reach certain goals etc. But you know what is the most interesting/saddest thing? If you put together ACOS and TPOD, then cut the filler (min. 100 000 words, but I'd cut rather 140-150 000 words), you will get the strongest book in the series. The strongest one. I think that after his sickness, Jordan did not really care about WOT, he wanted to explore a new world (and thinking about two series at the same time is not an easy task), and who can blame him? Many things diverted/swayed the series: his sickness, the BWB, the prequel,and the lack of proper criticism (he was a big lurker, but the online communities came way too late to change the course). He only saw his mindbending success, his sales just growing and growing, so he thought that he's on the right path. And when he realized what happened, it was too late to turn back, he had to follow the path we call now Book 7-11. (Similar thing happened wit JKR, just mention a common place.) On the other hand, if you accept that LOC is the real ending, then most of (your/our/my) problems will cease immediately. Another points: putting the most popular heroes into the shadows, and putting hated ones into the limelight is a very bad idea; when the reader cares more about bad characters than good ones then you do something wrong; characters are getting to strong - I get it why it is a must to do this (see the whole concept of the series), but reading about (demi)gods is boring, Jordan fell in love with a certain heroine and a certain hero - again, this was a very bad idea; maybe writing a little more romance could have been useful; too many characters to keep up with (casual readers, who make 99.999% of the whole readership usually have no idea about anybody except the main heroes, despite being spoonfeed many times by Jordan's repetitive sentences) etcetcetc And last but not least: disrespecting Jordan's wishes was not cool. At least Harriet could hold writing more than 3 estate authorized fanfictions (TOR wanted way more books) - the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) about these fanfictions will expire in a few years, so will know what happened between 2007 and 2013. If anyone will care about these things then... One more thing: what really breaks my heart is the fate (or rather the state) of the WOT online communities. They collapsed so fast... Hey, and you could share with us your opinion many months later!
  8. Eg, we are still disappointed that you did not come yesterday. Rand and Tuon were devastated, especially T, you know, how much she loves you. The kids missed their second favourite aunt too, so the mood was really terrible. I get it - to a certain extent - that Rhuidean is still full of suprises, but the Restrictions were lifted two months ago. If Perrin were able to come... I have some good news: Min's new viewing about Matuon is amazing! It looks like everybody has to go with them! And the Ogier will come back too! I have to inspect El's new Wind, so ... look, being 36 is not a great thing (I was there too), but it's still better than being 37, or 38, or 39. (40 will be a KO, they say; 25 was my first KO.) If you want call me, I will be at the Coralla this evening. Nyn, Merana, Sorilea, Caddy, F - quite a company! don't you think? Call us! Oh, almost forget: Happy Birthday, little girl! -- I think that she really shines in ACoS, she is the highlight of ACoS - I cannot find any flaws in these chapters even if I use a magnifying glass to search for them (I could even laugh out loud reading Jordan's joke:) I love this Egwene. Not just because Jordan did a retcon to her character (and he will turn her back to her original nature in the next book, unfortunately), not just because she's in a passive (observing) mode in this book (like all POV characters), but this is the first time when we can see her maturing into a person who gets what is important, and what is not. I always get the impression that Jordan had no idea what to do with her until ACoS - she was just a clog upon him, because that's her real role: being the Amyrlin Seat. And Jordan had no idea what to do with her after ACoS, that's why he used deus ex machina f. e. in TPoD (chapter 19) Maybe it is better this way. Maybe rereading and rereading these five precious chapters is better than reading 500 empty Eg-centered ch-s...
  9. Locations

    WOT needs lavishly decorated interior/exterior spaces, halls, rooms. Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg has jaw-dropping rooms, they can do many interior shoots there. the Royal Palace of Caserta The Royal Albert Hall Neues Rathaus, Hannover,_Innenansicht.jpg Montreal City Hall St. Stephen's Basilica, Budapest Doge's Palace, Venice (Courtyard) Doge's Palace, Genoa Vatican Moszna Castle, Poland Nordkirchen Castle Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna The main reading room of the Library of Congress, Washington Thomas Jefferson Building The United States Capitol rotunda Ludwigsburg Palace Union Station Washington DC Arlington National Cemetery Amphitheather Cour Carrée Place des Vosges ("corridors") Hôtel de Sully The Denon Wing of the Louvre Museum L’église Saint-Eustache etc What buildings would you like to see in the adaptation?
  10. This is still our favourite error. We interpret ardor as sexual excitement (Merriam-Webster) but they had no time to form any kind of sexual habits regarding this angle, if you read the books carefully. Carefully? With a little attentiveness. Mr Jordan probably would call this 'error' a bad interpretation, or, using Occam's Gillette, he would call this 'error' Min's fancy. A personal note: I think our fan club should think it over that we see everything through sexuality... Well, I love this kind of approach. And... Think about it; Mr Jordan's notes would have been a very fitting end to the series, but greed and so-called fans balked this. So, after all, we have to contend with LOC or KOD as the final ending which is not a bad thing at all.
  11. Gaul, Bain, and Chiad

    Gaul, I know that you are reading this, so I will be gentle. They were Friends of the Dark, but they also had a little conscience in contrast with their DF boss Faile, I mean, you are not a DF, and they did not want to hurt you at all. Therefore, casual sex was ok, marriage was not. (Faule was qualmless, her given task was luring forcing Perrin to the Dark Side, and she did that flawlessly.) Er, can I be honest with you? This whole thing has nothing to do with 'conscience', you are a good for nothing, even Darkfriends cannot use you for anything, no offence, men are pretty useless at anything in general, but sometimes they can add a little spice during sex. That's it. You can ask any woman about it, they will say the same thing. Some women need husband for money, status, power - see my next thread called 'The parallel lives of Sevanna and Morgase', but that's not typical. Sleep well, and eat a 'a baked food, usually in loaf or layer form, typically made from a mixture of flour, sugar, and eggs' and this way there's no need for the mods to do anything, because this is a family-friendly messageboard, and everything we post is family-friendly. Oh, remember this line from Egwene's favorite song ( "I'm dreaming my life away"? Gaul, do not dream your life away. I almost forgot to mention that Egwene's school in Rhuidean is a very cool place, anybody can join them. Maybe you should go to her, and relax a little bit. @realEgweneal'Vere: I did not mentioned to Gaul that Chiad is alive. What should we do? Send a word to Liah. If anybody is wondering, I'm still sane.
  12. It was Verin's doing. Having been on WOT IRC/boards for over 21 years, my opinion has changed a lot regarding books, plots, characters, events etc. But regarding this "theory" (Verin being the culprit - such a naughty girl ) my mind has not changed at all. I think Jordan comes at us with a hammer (LoC, 46, Demira's second pov): Verin, the real spider (Moggy is nothing compared to her), always starts invisible threads, constantly p r o d s (or rather commands) many people toward 'her' goals, that's makes her a/the most fascinating character. I often feel that Verin and Taimdred are characters from the hands of Dürrenmatt. (This reminds me that Randmas is only seven weeks away, so if you have a book lover in your mind, you should buy them as a present this book: Friedrich Dürrenmatt: Selected Writings, Volume I, Plays (Hardcover) - an elegant, beautiful book, and the translation is quite good. Do not bother with the other volumes, they are worth nothing.) They are grotesque, caring, violent at the same time, toward Rand they really don't know what to do, they do this, they do that: what to do with him? love him? hate him? Someone should start a thread about Verin and Rand.
  13. Recommended this book to a fellow patient this morning, and when she asked me that "what's this series about", instead of telling her the standard answer(s), I told her that: WOT is a great example that everybody needs another human beings (if they are lucky then we can talk about a family, friends, alliances, supporters, if they are not fortunate enough then they have to force other people to carry out their willwantneeddesire etc because one man cannot reach anything alone in Randland, one man is nothing without other persons.
  14. If you have any, please, share it with us! 1. WOT is a reality show - that's why Shara is so mystic, because the production company takes up the most of the region 2. Tel'aran'rhiod is the real reality - Randland is just a projection 3. Tel'aran'rhiod is where the souls live (RJ on one occasion used the term "the supply of souls awaiting rebirth") 4. Tel'aran'rhiod is the inside of Rand's head (his brain), the dreams are the neurons
  15. Lini's sayings...

    I see her as a twisted way of mixing Respice post te ... + Memento mori ... into a person. Nothing more.