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  1. Welcome to the White Tower and Warders Social Group! A bit about us: The term "Aes Sedai" means "Servants of All" in the Old Tongue. The White Tower and Warders Social Group has used the philosophy of Servants of All to create a social setting based on the hierarchy, purpose and set-up of the White Tower and Warders in the WoT series. This inspires the way in which we interact and some of the activities which we organize, although we are a social community and not a role playing group. We offer people of varying common interests - related to the books or otherwise - a chance to find their niche with like minded people in one of the Ajahs or the Warders guild. Whether you become a Warder or an Aes Sedai (here males can be Aes Sedai and females can be Warders), at the White Tower and Warders Social Group, you can live out that philosophy and have fun doing it! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You will start your journey at the White Tower and Warders as an Initiate. After completing a class (see more later) you may pick your path, ie either Warder Path or Aes Sedai Path. In the Warder's Guild, you will start as an Algai, then progress to Manshima and finally to Der'Manshima. As a member of the Warder's Guild, you can choose to join one of three disciplines of like-minded brothers and sisters in battle. You may instead choose the path of Aes Sedai. You will start as Novice, then progress to Accepted and finally to Aes Sedai. When you have reached the rank of Accepted/Manshima, you may state your intent to join the Ajah or Discipline of your choice. Please be aware, however, that MOST of the Ajahs/Disciplines have an application process and must ACCEPT you as an Aspirant before you can declare yourself. Familiarize yourself with these processes in advance and you'll help yourself out a ton. :) How will YOU choose to serve? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you are a new member: To join the WT&Warders, 1) Read all of the information contained in this thread 2) fill out This Simple Form 3) post here saying that you have: a) Read and Understood and Agree to Abide by all the rules and b) Filled out the form. Your information will be added to our spreadsheets, from which the Mistress of Novices (Kaylee / Chaelca) or the Mistress at Arms (Aiel Heart) will email the Admins to add you to our usergroup. They will also send you an email containing more useful information. They attempt to do this as speedily as possible, but please be patient for a few days as this is not an instant process. If it has been more than a week, please post here again - sometimes slips happen. Once you have been added to our main usergroup, you will be able to see a whole new set of boards. One of them will be the Aspirant Common Room and sub-forums. Please head over there first thing, and read all the pinned topics you can find. This will be your home until you one day join an Ajah or the Warders. If you are a returning member: Please post the following here: Your full and correct Handle (DM Display Name). Remember that you must use the Handle (DM Display Name) you were known as when you were last here, unless you have received permission to change it. Read more about this HERE. Your path (Warder or Aes Sedai) Your rank (novice, algai, Accepted, Manshima, Aes Sedai, Der'Manshima) Your affiliation (ie member of the Ren'Shai Discipline or of the White Ajah, etc) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ People join DM in general and the White Tower & Warders in particular to relax and have fun. Different people have different ways of relaxing and having fun, though. Here are a few simple rules to ensure that the majority of our members can do that - please read and adhere to them: The Dragonmount Code of Conduct The Signature and Avatar rules The PG13 guide (post #2) The Bonding Rules and Guidelines (post #3) The Rules for Changing Ajahs/Disciplines, Paths & Handles and making new accounts (post #4) Spam, Thread-Hijacking and Off Topic (post #5) General rules (post #6) Staff Structure: HERE (post #7) WT Org Info: Official Email : dmwtorg@gmail.com New Member Sign-up Form: HERE Returning Member Sign-up Form: Forthcoming Anonymous Suggestion Form: HERE Do not spam this thread. Spam will be deleted with no explanation or warning. Spam is anyone who doesn't have a legitimate reason to post in this thread.
  2. Offline glitches

    Can't seem to blog a post either, which is what I used to do to advertise events.
  3. Would someone be able to make me a new sig, using this picture:
  4. Myra

    Bwaaaaahhhhaaaahahaha! Errrr .... *dons dignified look*
  5. The Warder Field Trip

    I never thought about it but now that you mention it, Olwena, you're quite right! I agree with Ahmyra that it's very sad - would love to have read more from the POV of a Warder.
  6. That's not working, I'm afraid.
  7. Absolutely! I eventually managed to set it to give me notifications of all the boards I follow, but it was far from easy and it notifies me of every post, not just once since I last read the thread.
  8. Right, according to sources, the WoT TV Series might finally be happening. That means only one thing: sh.t just got real in the "who I want as actor to play [x] character" debate! To that end, I will be starting a series of threads in which you can post your pictures of actors whom you think will be best able to portray the characters. There will be rules! 1) Post a picture of your choice, with their name. 2) Pick people who actually are actors (they don't need to be famous) or at a pinch models, who you think could act, and the right age right NOW. 3) Pick people who roughly resemble the description of the characters (I'll post what descriptions there are). Obviously you don't have to be pedantic, but it's got to be realistic. Aiel aren't generally short and dark. Seafolk are generally very dark skinned. Egwene is a teenager, so someone in their 30's or 40's isn't going to work. 4) No biting, kicking or scratching. Channeling and stabbing is allowed, though. This post will be copied and pasted to each new thread I make, cos I'm lazy. We will start with the order of appearance (roughly), so first up will be the people we get to know in The Eye of the World (Book 1). I will make threads for groups of people (ie the Wonder Boys, the Wonder Girls, Emond's Fielders, etc), or we'll have a million threads.
  9. So we've had a horrible stench coming and going at work, for the past 4 months. It seems to originate from the sewerage system, but everyone at the municipality just passes the buck. We've had a number of them come to look, some put "nice smelly stuff" down the sewer, others did nothing except say they'll report it up or it's not their issue. Today we finally had 3 people investigate properly, and it registered a reading of 111 PPM of H2S on their little gadget. They got a massive fright! To illuminate, this is what Wikipedia says about H2S:
  10. I think as most of you know, I'm not overly knowledgeable about babies. I'm not interested in most of them, so I don't care. My boss's baby is quite fascinating to me (in small dosages!), though. It really seems to me that the child is quite advanced, when I compare her to others of her age or older. She's 2 years and 3 months old now, can count to 20, knows her ABC, shapes & colours, does puzzles for 4 year olds, etc. This weekend her mother went shopping with her. She was sitting in the shopping trolley and her mom bumped it so hard against the side of the ramp instead of going up the middle of it that the child actually fell over in the trolley. She sat back upright, gave her mum a look, and said: Would you like to try that again? (She uses words like that - better than some adults I know!). Is this normal for a child that age? The humour and the sarcasm? She wasn't even 2 years old when she started teasing her mom by calling her "daddy". Then laughing her head off, clearly understanding the joke she's making. She knows that when they open the front door to go to the car, she's not allowed to run around. She told me very seriously, "Evie not allowed onna pavement - must stay onna lawn." (Her language has improved in the past 2 months - it's now "on the", not "onna".
  11. So glad you found your way here!
  12. Glad you finally made it here!
  13. Not much protection here, I'm afraid. And this is not coming from my employer, it's coming from the suburb's sewerage system. The Municipal guys who eventually "diagnosed" the problem on Friday say they will now investigate and try to find the source. Glad you got rescued, LZM! That's some scary stuff O_O
  14. Aaah ok ... I gave up on the "unread content" button. I just go by the notifications button.
  15. I don't quite understand what you mean?
  16. Yeah that's what I think too, Lessa. And Tom has to be too spry to be played but someone who is older.
  17. Offline glitches

    It looks like one can no longer do a search on all of someone's posts - you have to search for a specific word too.
  18. Locations

    There's a lot or architecture in Barcelona that looks very Ogier built. It's like I imagine Tar Valon would look like. The Fish Market, maybe? There's another Spanish architect who designs absolutely amazing, what I call "Ogier dwellings". I posted about it in this thread some time ago, but you can also look it up directly here.
  19. Someone from the Facebook group suggested Neil Patrick Harris. The idea is really growing on me. What do you guys think?
  20. Myra

    Corners are good. As long as they're big. So what have you been up to, Myra?
  21. Locations

    The Neues Rathaus is exactly how I imagine the White Tower to look inside!
  22. Thank you, guys! Lessa, I really appreciate all of that information! I laughed at the child today again. Her latest is "Mommy, would you like to ...", as in "Mommy, would you like to pour me some water?" Precocious :P I just don't know where she gets her brains from - both parents are dumb as rocks. Seriously. Though mom was a teacher, and seems to instinctively teach her all the time. That's really wonderful to watch.
  23. Myra

    Hi Myra! Good to see you here *grins* You better be giving me half of that!
  24. Millon

    When you come visit me in South Africa, I'll take you to this bistro (ignore my mother in the foreground):
  25. Hope y'all can see and post, and receive notifications as you want. Tell me here if you have any issues (if you can see this and post). Tell your friends too.