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  1. Offline glitches

    Can't seem to blog a post either, which is what I used to do to advertise events.
  2. Myra

    Bwaaaaahhhhaaaahahaha! Errrr .... *dons dignified look*
  3. The Warder Field Trip

    I never thought about it but now that you mention it, Olwena, you're quite right! I agree with Ahmyra that it's very sad - would love to have read more from the POV of a Warder.
  4. That's not working, I'm afraid.
  5. Absolutely! I eventually managed to set it to give me notifications of all the boards I follow, but it was far from easy and it notifies me of every post, not just once since I last read the thread.
  6. So glad you found your way here!
  7. Glad you finally made it here!
  8. Not much protection here, I'm afraid. And this is not coming from my employer, it's coming from the suburb's sewerage system. The Municipal guys who eventually "diagnosed" the problem on Friday say they will now investigate and try to find the source. Glad you got rescued, LZM! That's some scary stuff O_O
  9. So we've had a horrible stench coming and going at work, for the past 4 months. It seems to originate from the sewerage system, but everyone at the municipality just passes the buck. We've had a number of them come to look, some put "nice smelly stuff" down the sewer, others did nothing except say they'll report it up or it's not their issue. Today we finally had 3 people investigate properly, and it registered a reading of 111 PPM of H2S on their little gadget. They got a massive fright! To illuminate, this is what Wikipedia says about H2S:
  10. Aaah ok ... I gave up on the "unread content" button. I just go by the notifications button.
  11. I don't quite understand what you mean?
  12. Yeah that's what I think too, Lessa. And Tom has to be too spry to be played but someone who is older.
  13. Offline glitches

    It looks like one can no longer do a search on all of someone's posts - you have to search for a specific word too.
  14. Locations

    There's a lot or architecture in Barcelona that looks very Ogier built. It's like I imagine Tar Valon would look like. The Fish Market, maybe? There's another Spanish architect who designs absolutely amazing, what I call "Ogier dwellings". I posted about it in this thread some time ago, but you can also look it up directly here.
  15. Someone from the Facebook group suggested Neil Patrick Harris. The idea is really growing on me. What do you guys think?