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  1. WAWC - Ice Skating Pictionary

    Correct :) @Mashiara Sedai
  2. There was a topic a while ago that displays character pov as a graphic, linked below Tldr Rand pov decreases following ~Lord of Chaos, but there are povs from a number of characters around him Heronz created a topic in General Wheel of Time Discussion May 1, 2014 The Pattern as seen from a whole (ITS BIG) 10 replies
  3. The Salidar Aes Sedai did become Wise Ones Apprentices And we're back to being punished because they're Aes Sedai, I don't think Rand thought the Salidar Aes Sedai were working with the Tower Aes Sedai And if you want to judge people by groups; Perrin should never have trusted Galad, the dragonsworn band of the red hand should have been treated the same as the diving bands of murderers, the Salidar Aes Sedai were right to hold Rand responsible for the Aiel attack on them etc etc etc Given Jaks points about situational context that Rand was lashing out it's 'understandable' it wasn't 'right'
  4. Yes and no My initial posts basically said that I can understand why the Tower Aes Sedai (given the context of a defeated enemy) had to swear, but I don't follow the same reasoning with the Salidar Aes Sedai (essentially allies who fought to rescue him) So while I disagree with the oath from any Aes Sedai I can follow/accept it to an extent in the context of the society and given the power/strength of Aes Sedai it makes logical sense But an oath from an Aes Sedai isn't the same as from someone who hasn't sworn on the oath rod. For example a collared and broken Aes Sedai still cannot use the power as a weapon despite wanting to. The ferret in the Tower was choking when being forced to lie etc. For anyone else it's words that can be broken, obviously their are consequences, but it's regarding future trustworthiness or similar, it's different for an Aes Sedai beyond whether the type of oath itself is acceptable or not
  5. WAWC - Ice Skating Pictionary

    Clue is: it's a thing Apologies for the drawing lol
  6. WAWC - Ice Skating Pictionary

    Triple toe loop jump?
  7. WAWC - Ice Skating Pictionary

    Toe loop jump?
  8. BFG

    I also tried making macarons.... That, did not go so well, although since I have enough almond flour to try again, I'll keep you updated on progress :)
  9. BFG

    Yay :) I tried tins of treats, a mix of brandy snaps, caramel slices and florentines (nothing complicated lol)
  10. Offline glitches

    Is it possible to set the default to viewing the first unread in messages and threads instead of either the last post made or the first page? Mobile doesn't seem to give a first unread option :(
  11. @jack of shadows to be clear, I don't think you're wrong on any of it, as in yes it was bad timing and rands actions are understandable etc etc etc, it's just still ~wrong, as in rands actions, that oath are fundamentally wrong no matter how understandable it is
  12. Topic split from favourite scenes :)
  13. @jack of shadows you're not distinguishing between the tower Aes Sedai and the Salidar Aes Sedai. The Tower Aes Sedai locked him in a box and beat him daily. The Salidar Aes Sedai tried to rescue him. I have issues with that oath at all from an Aes Sedai, but can understand it for the Tower Sedai (defeated for that have a lit of power and can't be trusted), but the Salidar Sedai are different (Perrin accepted them as allies) Effectively you're saying what I started saying, they were being punished because they were Aes Sedai (although you're adding bad timing) And of course Rand's flawed, he's a well written character :P it doesn't make him 'right' And I don't mean they were compulsed to swear, I mean the oath of fealty is a mild form of compulsion. Think what happened to one of the tower ferrets (I forget the name) when they were ordered to lie having sworn to always tell the truth and obey orders.
  14. NFL Discussion

    Still contractually obliged to support the Patriots ldo, and also that's the only team I know
  15. He trusted Min though, not the fealty. I guess there's an argument as to whether she'd have had the same viewing without the oath