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  1. Aw that's such nice news! Congrats! Are you enjoying being pregnant?
  2. Welcome Back

    Hi hi hi! DM is baaaack!!
  3. That was amazing! You are so talented Heart. I'm so sorry you're having a tough time at the moment, I don't suffer from depression but I have close loved ones who do. I have every confidence you're going to complete your quest lovely.
  4. Cuen'd'eren September Activity - Compliment Game!

    Aw I love this thread! Ryrin you are an absolute force of nature and the Greens are extremely lucky to have you
  5. I completely agree with Kukaso. The UK doesn't really get that type of extreme weather so I find it quite frightening as well. I'm glad you guys are smart and are well supplied. Keep safe and keep us updated if you can!
  6. [Green Ajah Nature Week] Nature Writers

    Wow, I didn't even know he had a sister!
  7. Oh what a cool thread idea! I'll post a location when you catch up, exciting!
  8. I'm so sorry Elgee. Take care of yourself.
  9. Welcome, Warders, Aes Sedai, and Aspirants to the Green Ajah's Nature Week! This is a week dedicated to talking about aspects of the natural world. Each year there will be different activities, centered around features of nature. Over the course of the week, discussions and games will be featured in Tar Valon. Links will be found below as they are posted. We hope you will join us!! Guess the Herb: with the lovely Lily Nature Photography: with the ravishing Ryrin Favorite Insects and Fun Facts: with the delectable Dar'Jen What Force of Nature Are You? Quiz with the radiant Ryrin Walk through the weird with the celestial Cross Nature Writers with the brilliant Brandie
  10. oh my goodness, I saw this this morning before work and felt guilty all day that I accidentally left you out Ryrin! I'm glad I didn't Thanks Cindy!
  11. An announcement

    Aw that's amazing, I'm so happy for the both of you!!!
  12. Brown History Week - An Introduction

    That's the end of our event then folks, I just want to extend loads of thanks to everyone who came and most especially to my thread runners and my lovely supportive Brown brothers and sisters! Thanks so much, see you next year.