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  1. Rafe Judkins May Be Starting Wheel of Time Script

    woohoo!! Awesome news!! Hello all!! Missed this site, great to see it back!! Looks really cool to.
  2. Rand after the Last Battle

    No. The outcome you are thinking of is gentling, when someone severs or cuts the ability. The result is that the inability to channel after this is short lived because it is abrupt and unnatural, causing the effects you are thinking of. What happened with Rand is he used his channelling abilities above what he could handle, so lost the channelling. The difference here is that it is a result of naturally pushing past the body and soul's tolerance to handle such vast levels of the Powers he was using, so does not suffer the after effects of gentling because it is a natural result of using to much.
  3. Three Arches Ter'angreal

    I thought Aginor was as strong as Demandred since he is the one that made the Shadowspawn. I know that Asmodean is the weakest male Forsaken.
  4. Aes Sedai and Torture

    Some of the beatings were caused by the two Aes Sedai that lost their Warders when Rand went into a rage after seeing Min and probably felt in danger whenever they were around him. The rest of the beatings were actually caused by the Black Ajah, of which made up the largest group of Aes Sedai that Elaida sent. A smaller minority were disgusted with what was being done to Rand. Don't forget, Mesaana was directly involved with him being captured and held in the first place.
  5. Mat (stubborn or not)

    I enjoyed Mat right through the series. As much as Rand and Perrin. All three did what was needed their own ways that pretty much cements them as Fantasy's Trinity in my opinion. As great as DC's Trinity, but with more to the characters.
  6. Mat (stubborn or not)

    Pride actually is central to the story when you think about it. It was pride that helped open the DO's prison and it was pride that helped seal it up again, and caused all the funny and annoying misunderstandings and miscommunications throughout the series.
  7. That is true. Gawyn could easily have died while Egwene was recovering between fighting. That would have been catastrophic. I think Demandred would have hit harder had that happened.
  8. A poll is a good idea. One of my favourite scenes is when Sammael attacks the tower during the battle with the Shaido. I always enjoy that moment.
  9. Padan Fain's sex scene would be up there with Graendal's moments, and actually be worse, since a boy is dying while doing so. That is above anything Game of Thrones has shown so far.
  10. Elaida's Escape from the Seanchan

    She could not because it would require the sul dam to allow her to make it. The only chance for escape was the very first time she made it. But, more importantly it would have killed her instantly from being too far from her suldam since they develop symptoms of illness when they get more than a few feet from the bracelet. The difference with the girls is that they are not collared by someone whom does not want them to be free. There wete moments when certain suldam told their damane not to go near the bracelet under any circumstances then observed them. They got ill just by thinking about it. There was one suldam that said this was frowned upon because one damane actually died from touching it. She favoured other ways of training, especially the very strong willed damane.
  11. Seanchan BS? *Spoilers*

    That makes me think that the Mat and Tuon outriggers would tie up that issue. It still seems like that someone or people that are fighting the civil war kill her at a critical time. Which causes the war that Aviendha and Bair see. The fact that Tuon dies differently is an indication that the future is changing. It is looking like they have a part to play helping Tuon and Mat in ending the civil war. It is Mat in particular that will alter the events if the Pattern requires that the Aiel go that way in the next age rather than now or a few years later.
  12. Elaida's Escape from the Seanchan

    I do not think Elaida could do that. If Rand could not do anything, then Elaida could not. It is simply the fact that the a dam also allows some control of the damane besides channelling saidar. She simply would be unable to act even if she thought of it.
  13. Wonder Woman

    I loved the film myself!! A terrific look into her world. I think she is as great as Batman and Superman, since I loved Man if Steel and Batman v Superman. Now for Justice League. Oh, I also enjoyed Suicide Squad, since it was partly look into Harley's mind since it was as all over the place as her mind is. Which I awesome.
  14. Seanchan BS? *Spoilers*

    Bair. The war with the Seanchan still occurs, but through Bair's relatives. You are right that Tuon dies of old age, but it also depends if there is a difference in Bair's vision to Aviendha's. Her comments suggest that there are differences, and Aviendha mentions it in her POV when they first enter Thakandar.
  15. Seanchan BS? *Spoilers*

    But how many damane have Alivia's strength in the One Power? The scenario I outlined is still possible if there are alot of channellers with that strength level. Also, Bair saw the same thing that Aviendha did post Merrilor. It was when Egwene met the Wise Ones that final time. Something had to have happened in the world to the Seanchan and Tuon specifically if the vision holds.