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  1. WAWC - Winter Olympic Hangman!

    Gold Medal
  2. WAWC - Winter Olympic Hangman!

    Speed Skating
  3. January 2018 Roll Call

    Stop using my credit cards and get them paid off.
  4. Where Do You Belong In History?

    I got Victorian England too and I feel the same as Kukaso. I don't think it truly fits.
  5. July Chitter Chatter

    Super hot and muggy here. Florida is awesome in the winter and yech in the summer. BTW A lot has changed since I was here last. Not surprising though that The Kin is on the WT&W board.
  6. July Sign In

    Nicana Worked until 4, then my swimming pool and grilled burgers. Yummy!
  7. CANCER SUCKS!!!!!

  8. Manslaughter?

    She had to have had mental problems to begin with. Her parents were more than likely so engrossed in their own lives to see what was going on with their own daughter. I second Mills. A girl did that to my son I would go to jail.
  9. K (anime)

    OK thanks. I have Netflix. I'll check it out on there.