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  1. Entirely by chance I am currently learning and jamming out to that version with my ukelele wielding best mate haha
  2. The Pool !!!

    *gets thrown into the pool but miraculously keeps beer above water* My new place actually has a pool and I am very excited by it. I think I might try and make swimming my exercise of choice. Who knows, I might even get fit!
  3. Casual Peak-in

    I'm surprised Cass hasn't jumped in here-she's really pushing the rp side atm. Well there's some minor threads going on in the ooc board just seeing who's checking in if that gives you any ideas of who's around and who a good addition to the cast might be.
  4. Welcome welcome Vargas! I'm BB. I am very close to doing a re-read myself but I need the rest of the books first. I shared the series with my broher so I only have random books. I agree with your Mat thoughts. I really enjoyed Lan as well, and I actually quite liked Juilin until he got a bit weird in the later books, where Talmanes kinda won out. I have deep feelings for so many of the characters though haha. Join us! Come peek in at the social groups! I can also recommend the Band-particularly for a Mat fan. I promise we'll treat you nice ;p All the social groups are completely lovely. And if you have any interest in writing at all, the roleplay side of things is kicking up again and we'd love to have you! Shoot me a PM if you're bored or confused!
  5. New to Dragonmount?

    Really Dicicle? XD *pushes him into a corner* Ignore him, Molly! Though I do second his recommendation of the Band! If you like music or relaxing with a drink, the Band is the place to be! And it definitely sounds like you should hit up the White Tower on both sides (social group and rp side). We love new people around these parts so don't be afraid to just chuck a post up anywhere or shoot me a PM if anything gets confusing. Or if you just wanna chat! I'm BB, btw! Hope to see you around
  6. Casual Peak-in

    Hey! You pop in at a good time Arie! You should jump back in! Things are still kinda waking up around these parts, but yeah, we're always keen for more rpers! Especially in the wt atm, we seem to be down a bit
  7. Check In - NEW DM Role Call

    Mmm thirded hahaha
  8. The Pool !!!

    *flops into pool and revives this thread* Come oooon pool, cool me down. *grabs beer and chills at the pool bar*
  9. The Pink Loincloth Tavern

    I don't know that! Shall I give it a listen?
  10. I did see that when I was looking for clips but I didn't end up watching it! I'll check it out
  11. The Pink Loincloth Tavern

    *huggles* Pretty good! Been a bit o a whirlwind but once I'm in a new place things should settle a bit. I'm hoping to move in woth one of my best mates but we don't know whether the room in her sharehouse is gonna be free until two days before I need to be out of my house eek. And then the people I'll be moving in with if not with her aren’t in the same state until after I have to move out :/ So that's gonna be interesting haha. How have you been Chae?
  12. Original vs Cover 2018 Edition! Somewhere Over the RaInbow I figured it was about time to revamp these bad boys. I always loved original vs covers. This time round we have an extra song because I needed all these options to grace the eardrums of all you beautiful Banders. The song is Somewhere Over the Rainbow! Garland: 4 Cassidy: 2 Sinatra: 3 A classic, right? Composed by Harold Arlen, with lyrics by Harburg, it was originally sung by Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz, but since those days, it has exploded off into the jazz must dos and gone on from there. Everyone knows the song! There are so many versions around, but these are my favourite three. The Frank Sinatra cover is just gorgeous. It's the kind of mellow tones that shoot me straight into that vague melancholy of the song. Frank Sinatra: Then this gem of a cover. Eva Cassidy has an amazing voice, and her cover of this song has been the soundtrack to so many moments of my life-not even intentionally, just through it putting out the perfect mood. Please, just listen to it! Eva Cassidy: And of course, you can't go past the original! Judy Garland: So! Get voting! I will allow people to vote for two! Give your favourite 2 points and your second favourite 1, and let's see how this works out :p
  13. The Pink Loincloth Tavern

    *dusts off the thread* Next poster. What was the last thing you listened to?