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  1. [sign up]Safari mafia - basic game

    Hi @lulz Welcome! It's a nice fun community of people. Have you played mafia before?
  2. Roll Call: January 2018

    here. It keeps telling me the site is still down, so I had no idea it wasn't. Dont really know what I think as today is my first day back.
  3. [sign up]Safari mafia - basic game

    why not? I miss everyone. I do work Wednesdays and Sundays though so will be scarce those days. If that's ok then ill play. I know people don't like them, but maybe Tress can hydra with me to help pick up my slack?
  4. You have a rainbow, which means everything will get better. Very nice indeed!
  5. I like how these were random yet seen to match up lol
  6. You have a spiral which means creativity and time for problem solving.
  7. Nice, well my dear let me see those leaves. Hmm you got a horizontal arrow which means smooth travel.
  8. Nice, woohoo 2 for, well I got 2
  9. you're quite welcome dear
  10. A stamp. You'll send or receive an important letter.
  11. Ann acorn! A humble beginning will lead to better things.
  12. A dinosaur! Hmm means you're very stubborn, keep in mind you still have things to learn my dear. *hugs*
  13. You have...flowers. A friend will ask for advice. Make it good!