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  1. NFL Discussion

    What’s the over/under on Tomlin getting canned in the upcoming years?
  2. NFL Discussion

    Anyone know any good mock draft websites? any hopes for the upcoming draft for your team to pick up?
  3. NFL Discussion

    Dumb rules. Game was over
  4. NFL Discussion

    Blew dat.
  5. What is your most controversial opinion?

    I do, but I’m not from here originally. Hey man, Texans take their beef serious the comment was mostly tongue in cheek - but pork ribs seriously are way better. I’d be interested to read some fanfics, particularly focused on the stuff you didn’t read a lot about in the series. The Seanchan and their history, the lands east of the Waste, etc. Books 1-6 were my favorites I’d say. Everything after that before Sanderson took over is a blur.
  6. What is your most controversial opinion?

    Capitalism: Free market economy doesn’t exist any longer in America. OS is right that capitalism only works in worlds where everyone had equal footing. In our system the rich get richer, the poor get benefits and the middle class struggles to pay for it all. Re religion: I would even go a step further and say that historically religion was used to control the masses in Europe and the beginnings of American history. The church has been corrupt for a long time. sh!thole countries: Tactless and undiplomatic to say? Surely. The truth stings sometimes though. The failing in our world nowadays is that feelings often take priority over truths.
  7. What is your most controversial opinion?

    Do you think the story was bad in particular or just that the world building was that exceptional?
  8. What is your most controversial opinion?

    You've never been to Texas then.
  9. What is your most controversial opinion?

    Pork ribs are better than beef ribs.
  10. NFL Discussion

    Could see this. I’ll definitely be watching the NO and MN game this weekend. I wouldn’t be surprised if ATL beats Philly either.
  11. NFL Discussion

    The Dalton Curse. Good point