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  1. WAWC - Favorite Winter Sport

    Yes, the bobsled track is much faster with more vertical movement up the sides around turns, but not much different than the slide we used to have. It was the same concept, just much tamer, like riding a pony at a walk vs. riding a stallion at a gallop, but in both instances, you are riding a horse.
  2. WAWC - Favorite Winter Sport

    I cut the cable, so I just have digital antennae TV now. Denver has two PBS stations, one that’s more local and independent than the other. They both have a few alternate channels that feature specialized programming. The alternate channels (much like TV versions of sub forums) don’t show up on cable or satellite—only the main channels are available there. I don’t know why. Anyway, the more local, independent PBS channel has a sub channel that focuses on Asia and Asian-American issues, and they show Sumo wrestling at night. We used to have an alpine slide in the foothills that was similar to that. You’d ride a little cart on a concrete track down the mountainside. It was a blast!
  3. WAWC-Winter Olympic Trivia!

    Point total so far: Mashiara Sedai: 2 points Sooh: 1 point
  4. WAWC-Winter Olympic Trivia!

    Yes! 1 point for Sooh! I will have to get home from work before I can post the next question, though. I will try to post several at once.
  5. WAWC-Winter Olympic Trivia!

    I read her post *right* after posting that question, lol. 1 point for Mashi! So far, Mashi has 2 points and is whupping everyone else, who between them, have a combined 0 points. You go, Mashi! Question 3: Who is the most decorated Winter Olympic athlete of all time?
  6. WAWC - Winter Olympic History

    Hahahahahaha DID YOU KNOW...that I posted "Which country has won the most medals in the Winter Olympics?" as a trivia question before reading your post here? Hahahaha I'll just leave it. They can have a freebie after the tough opening question. Sooh, my city was awarded the 1976 games, but the voters refused to approve a bond measure to help pay for it, so we had to decline the games, which went to Innsbruck, Austria instead. In hindsight, it was probably the right financial decision for the city, but at the time, I was really upset because I thought it would be incredibly cool for my hometown to host an Olympics. Now that we could afford it, the IOC turns a cold shoulder to us, which I suppose is understandable.
  7. WAWC - Favorite Winter Sport

    I am not a huge hockey fan, but I like it alright. I liked it better when my local team was good, though. I'm not sure that I have a favorite Olympic sport at all, Winter or Summer games. There is no event that I really follow in the offseason, so to speak, and there are so many that I enjoy watching during the games themselves. I kind of like the luge and bobsled, because they're entirely an Olympic thing. I never see luge on a sports show on a Saturday afternoon when nothing else is on, but sometimes they'll have world figure skating championships or something. I see lots of downhill skiing and snowboarding, but no luge or bobsled, or curling for that matter. Heck, on one of my local PBS stations, I even see Sumo wrestling on a regular late night basis, but never luge. I guess luge isn't huge.
  8. WAWC - Winter Ball

    Well hello, Tar Valon!
  9. WAWC-Winter Olympic Trivia!

    Correct! 1 Point for Mashi Question #2: Which country has won the most medals in the Winter Olympics?
  10. WAWC-Winter Olympic Trivia!

    St. Petersburgh is a good guess, but it's not the correct one. This one might be too tough without Google. In fact, it almost certainly is, so Google is okay to use on this one, and I'll add some easier questions. Another hint: The city is in North America
  11. WAWC-Winter Olympic Trivia!

    Welcome to the annual White Ajah Winter Carnival, and welcome to Winter Olympic Trivia, where you will be trusted not to Google for the answers like I did to come up with the questions! Some sort of fabulous prizes will be awarded or something, and all kinds of fun will be had in the process! I might prove to be more of a cross-country skier than a luge competitor, but I will try to acknowledge correct answers promptly and ask new questions right away. Let's begin, shall we? 1) Which amazing city turned down a chance to host the Winter Olympics after begging for the opportunity for the previost twenty years, and then asked again nearly forty years later only to be coldly turned away by the IOC? Hint: After the city's decision to decline hosting the Olympics after the IOC had awarded them the games, the Winter Olympics were then hosted that round in an entirely different country.
  12. Now I can tell everyone!

    You'd better! We've been waiting to see Player 3's avatar ever since you shared the first picture with us!
  13. Roll Call: January 2018

    Here. The look is alright, but I'm disappointed that after it has been down so long, they have not reanimated my GIF avatar.
  14. [Green Ajah Warrior Event] Personal Battles

    I went to rehab in 2000 for a cocaine addiction and have 14 years clean and sober by the grace of God and the 12 Steps, and a support system has been crucial in that. Even when I quit cigarettes 11 years ago, I used Quitnet and Quitline, chatting with other people who were quitting and using some of the strategies they employed while both offering and receiving encouragement. It's much easier if you can talk with other people who understand.
  15. The Way of Kings

    Your theory is over my head, Leyrann, but good luck with it! I have no hope of finishing my reread before Oathbringer comes out. I am only on part two of Way of Kings.