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  1. It's perfect! I hate 40 degrees in general. Makes me think I'm about to melt.
  2. It says offline

    Eh, the two other forums I frequent did have a voting system and that worked fine. Though, one of them only has upvotes and is very heavily moderated (which makes for a great community tbh) and the other recently removed downvotes. By the way, the most annoying thing about the site update: It's the same 'kind' of forum (if that makes sense) as the 17thshard, which means both share the same notification sound. So I'm never sure which forum is calling for attention...
  3. It says offline

    I asked Verb about that a few months ago (before the site update), he said it was something they had considered but decided not to do, for undisclosed reasons.
  4. I'm also 21 already. But yeah first alcohol was at 19 (still much older than most people here, and if I'd have wanted I could've gotten it as early as 14-15 from my parents I think), first beer was 20.
  5. *grabs a beer, downs it, and grabs a second*
  6. This shows that, sometimes, it has to get worse before it gets better.
  7. I know we went to 25 posts per page I was just teasing a bit. :)
  8. We're now under 10 000 pages again guys.