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  1. November Game: Pumpkin Spiced Love and Hate

    The next one is actually going to be WHIPPED CREAM 0
  2. November Game: Pumpkin Spiced Love and Hate

    Eh I'll get us a step closer. But what next? -14
  3. Which makes me think of...

  4. Must haves in your dream home...

    Or an astronomy tower :P I've kind of always imagined having basically a snow globe on the top of a tower so that I could sleep under the stars. Just nervous about how that would last during storms :P I know I said library to begin with, but I'd like one of the fun rolling ladders to go with it :P Room to do my puzzles. A mud room with a shower that can be used to wash off children and dogs. Lots of land for the gardens and TREES. One thing I missed the most when my parents moved to suburbia was grown trees. I would love to have random hidden rooms, just because :P I'd like a stained glass window of some sort in one room because I think the light shining through them is stunning. Wrap around porch. I actually have dreams when I'm walking through "my house" and then I wake up and scramble to remember all of the details because it was PERFECT!!! If I ever have the money to build my own house, I'd be set!
  5. The Memory Tree

    I formed some really good and true friendships during college. It still amazes me
  6. Hastiness

    Hmmmmm.... What would you say is the relationship between hastiness and impatience? Like I want to be out of the doctor's office sooner. Is that impatience or hastiness?
  7. November Game: Pumpkin Spiced Love and Hate

    -8 I'm considering either increasing the winning score or picking some other controversial item to be debated. Cinnamon scented candles, perhaps? Pumpkin pie itself?
  8. November Game: Pumpkin Spiced Love and Hate

    -5 Poor Cindy; here I was expecting to be in the minority!
  9. November 2017 Roll Call

    Here :P I was dragged by my trolloc horns
  10. Quotes, or something

    Just searched. There was one thread in 2012 and one in 2013 so yeah not much :P
  11. Quotes, or something

    Actually my multi colored lists were the skittle puke Was randomly quoted in the discussion area. Was so confused. Shad how did you even find/pick that one? :P Heart posted in D&D! I think I have before... Been around for a while now :P