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  1. The Warder Field Trip

    I think that the Warders in the books are very much more than just support for their AS. I know that the Warders here are more than just support for their AS. There is the portion that is shielding them from the harms that they might not otherwise be able to avoid due to the restraints of the tree oaths. The Warders contribute more than just the obvious if you look a little deeper. Even the "snooty" AS that think of their warders as a jumped-up bodyguard/valet have a bit more respect for them than they show to the outside world. Possibly even more than they try to show the warder themselves due to trying to maintain AS mystery or sommat. I think that the inspiration for why men (and women) decided to become warders is as individual as the people themselves. It might be something as simple as wanting to be like someone in a legend or just to be one of the baddest folks around. It might be that they share deeply in one of the main causes that their AS espouses. It could be for any number of reasons. It would be "nice" to know more about more of them but you really can't get every tidbit of backstory and hope to have the main stories move along at any sort of pace. I think that they tend to hang around the other warders as they don't have as much in common with any other group. They are not actually soldiers although they train in combat a fair amount. They are more akin to the Rangers in LotR in that they maintain their physical strength longer in life and are generally stronger and more capable to start with and then are given additional benefits of endurance and other perks. On top of that they share the type of existence. They don't have sports teams to share with more "regular" folks.
  2. The Ultimate Battle of Wits [Me'A November Game]

    Welcome back to the Ultimate Battle of Wits (where it appears Shenanigans has been called...OVERRULED!!) It will soon be time for The Semi-Final Round matches. We have in the first Semi-Final Millon vs. Oscar and in the Second Semi-Final: DJ vs. James you will each have 24 hours again to make your choices and you may change your mind up to the deadline which will be 1200 GMT on Jan 16th, 2018. Good Luck!!! *See how good I was at putting the correct year in,
  3. The Ultimate Battle of Wits [Me'A November Game]

    Rhea and James were locked in battle. Who would abandon their rock first? Turns out both of them would and it spelled doom for one of them... The angel came for... That concludes the first round of matches. We will set the semi finals and commence them on Monday.
  4. The Ultimate Battle of Wits [Me'A November Game]

    Should we start a pool on the final match of the round? Make your guesses. Winner, round number, winning move. Closest wins a free meme.
  5. The Ultimate Battle of Wits [Me'A November Game]

    Rhea: Rock James: Rock Round 5...
  6. The Ultimate Battle of Wits [Me'A November Game]

    Millon was swaggering after his victory over Ithi. He was on cloud nine since Shad had not been around to start their match. But while everyone was watching Rhea and James go round and round no one noticed as a huge man stepped into the ring. Mills first notice of the man was the loud sound of a rock hitting the wall just next to him, pulverised immediately. "What the ???" Mills exclaimed seeing the man holding a rock. "I didn't have to miss." Shad said quietly. Mills recovered himself quickly. "How sporting of you. Let's do this. " Images added later hopefully*
  7. The Ultimate Battle of Wits [Me'A November Game]

    It is getting heated in the Rhea vs. James B Battle. We are on round three in this tremendous battle. James was first again, but Rhea was now into the fight and responded quickly.
  8. The Ultimate Battle of Wits [Me'A November Game]

    Well we never agreed to a set prize but her is something somewhat fitting.
  9. The Ultimate Battle of Wits [Me'A November Game]

    We have more results in the EPIC Rhea vs. James B. match... James was very eager to get his choice in. The early bird gets the worm and all that. He was certain he was gonna make the right choice this time.... Rhea was busy so she took a little longer to decide but she too just knew that victory was in reach...
  10. The Ultimate Battle of Wits [Me'A November Game]

    For Adella and Verb, Here is your consolation prize...
  11. The Ultimate Battle of Wits [Me'A November Game]

    I just got Adella's official reply. Adella versus Oscar Adella was late. She had forgotten to send off that most important piece of mail and had just realised it. she scurried to get it in the mail. "what was it Oscar said he was gonna do? Scissors? He wouldn't really do that would he? Not a chance." Okay this is gonna be easy. I'll just pick paper and be safe about it. Done. It is in the mail. Oscar was adamant that he wanted his prize. "Go big or go home". Scissors. Oscar is the victor. (sorry for short scene. I gotta get ready for work now)
  12. The Ultimate Battle of Wits [Me'A November Game]

    Next up are Rhea versus James B. Rhea wanted to win. She was driven to solve the puzzle that was James B. She treated it as a matter of sheer logic. ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS. Multiple choice question. 78% of the time the answer is C. BOOM!!! Scissors it is. She threw what she thought should be a perfectly good set forward but was not impressed by the result. James thought that in this game no one ever chooses Rock, right. I mean how simplistic would that be so Scissors was the safe choice. Either he wins or he draws. maybe it was that excessive amount of logic deployed that altered the magic at hand but his produced scissors weren't what he had hoped for either. It is a DRAW!!!! We go to .... wait for it .... SUDDEN DEATH!!! You each have up to 24 hours to make a choice once both of you have chosen that is it. No changing. Good luck.
  13. The Ultimate Battle of Wits [Me'A November Game]

    First Battle is DJ versus Verbal. Dj was nervous. What to do what to do. Verbal was a cunning OLD veteran of the DM wars. To attempt to see what was in his mind in order to ascertain what he would do was a dangerous mission. She attempted to delve into his ewok mind but it was difficult with all the spiderman memes and Jennifer Lawrence images to figure out what what would be best. Then she realised she was overthinking the process and thought about his name. Verbal. Words. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her handy dandy Damascus Steel Scissors. Verb wasted no time in making his choice he immediately went to work. He had to make up for his breaking the site and making everyone twiddle their thumbs for 6 weeks. He made his choice but then was distracted by a image of Bridget Regan in a spiderman costume... Dangit man concentrate he said to himself. He went into his most zen like trance and saw what he should do. and he chose...... poorly. PAPER. in the end there was much snipping and screaming but Verb did end up with some very nice artwork. DJ is victorious!!!!!!
  14. The Ultimate Battle of Wits [Me'A November Game]

    Greetings all! we have reached the deadline for our first day of the tourney but unfortunately there are two people that have not responded and given their official actions. I have elected to give a one time 5 our grace period since I am home at the present and we have had one draw that will be going to ... SUDDEN DEATH!!!!! I need to hear from Adella and Shad. I know Adella has been about so if anyone can check to makes sure Ed hasn't locked her up someplace that would be helpful. Also I haven't herd from Shad at all so if anyone knows an alternate method to reach him that would be helpful. Thanks in advance. Now on to the results...
  15. The Ultimate Battle of Wits [Me'A November Game]

    So now we can move forward. This round will feature battles pitting the following warriors against each other. Remember there are no points for second place. Shad vs. Millon Oscar vs. Adella DJ vs. Verb Rhea vs. James B. The matches will begin TODAY at 1200 noon GMT . You will have 24 hours to give me your decision. (I was gonna do them one per day but since the event is already into it's 3rd month I figured we could just get on with it. Good luck.