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  1. Unread Content on Private Boards

    Yup but you can't follow something unless you find it first as it's not as easy to see what's new if the new button doesn't show all the new stuff lol
  2. Unread Content on Private Boards

    If you click on the 'show me unread items ' button it will only show you unread items on the free access main and sub boards. Any unread items on group members only sub boards is not displayed. It's like its not got access to search and display those boards even if the person searching has permission to view those boards. For example I wouldn't get unread items listed in the Blue Boards. Only stuff from the main White Tower board, Tar Valon and the Warders board.
  3. Unread Content on Private Boards

    Yup I'm still having this issue and I'm having to check sub forums - that require membership, privileges manually.
  4. Myra

    Honestly I've never had the no male friends issue. I was talking about your loss But with regards to the other thing, my ex was very sneaky and ugh twisted about other things. Because he was this way he believed I was the same way. Like because he behaved a certain way he thought I would to. Maybe he's projecting his own past choices onto you. Hey baby it's not that I don't trust you. It's him I'm worried about ... garbage But yeah the other thing. I'm here to listen if you ever need it.
  5. Myra

    I'm so sorry Myra. I've been where you are now. If you ever need to talk just let me know.
  6. it doesn’t say offline anymore

    Two different threads. One about it being offline and this one about it being online. So new people can join again.
  7. The Ultimate Battle of Wits [Me'A November Game]

    Bleurgh *dies*
  8. it doesn’t say offline anymore

    Oh yes. Well spotted!
  9. It's the exact right colour

    Maybe a white bar just with your green circle L in it lol
  10. It's the exact right colour

    Now you just need a plain green siggy with an L in it
  11. The Ultimate Battle of Wits [Me'A November Game]

    Get on with it!
  12. It's the exact right colour

    Green for Leyrann is very appropriate. Your full name was also very impressive
  13. Offline glitches

    This happened to me a couple of times but it had a message saying it had saved my last reply and a little underlined link thing asking me to select it if I wanted to clear it. The ads only appear at the top of some pages :)
  14. Roll Call: January 2018

    Here and I've decided I'll need to use a tablet now. My little android really doesn't like the data and ads on the new mobile version. Plus on the tablet I can type with both thumbs!
  15. Offline glitches

    Can we have a colour choice button on mobile? Omg and an undo button lmao. I wanted to see what the " button did and it makes a beautiful blank nested quote!