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  1. Happy New Year!

    Thanks! I am anticipating a great time. They have two days of activities planned on campus, and my class has been buzzing on Facebook making plans. Yay stuff! We need to play some games and talk about fun things for sure.
  2. Happy New Year!

    Totally different topic, but I'm excited. I just booked my flight and registered for my 20th Year High School Reunion in April! It looks like it's going to be a blast, and so many of us have already registered.
  3. Happy New Year!

    Lots of good stuff coming out. Woo! I see the "offline except for certain people" banner is gone from the site! That means we should open up some threads and get some stuff going on!
  4. Happy New Year!

    Sounds great! Both of them. The last movie I went to was my son and I went to see Coco. I'm not a huge fan of "day of the dead" themed things normally, but this was one of the most beautiful and well-written pieces I think Pixar has done (and I love Pixar movies. I'm not putting it above Brave....but then, Merida is basically me, so there is that.)
  5. Happy New Year!

    That sounds like lots of fun! What did you see this year?
  6. Happy New Year!

    Neat! I do really love our school. We've got schools in over 27 states, and are expanding every year. I love our team of teachers, and the fact we actually work as a team, and not just a bunch of individual departments or individual age groups. Our curriculum is also hands-down better than anything I've seen in our state. What I really love though, is getting to know all of my students one-on-one instead of always in a mass of chaos. I don't have to yell at them, or discipline them, I just get to help them learn! I also have at least two students who are huge WoT fans.
  7. Happy New Year!

    That sounds lovely, too. My son and I work/school out of the house (I teach for a virtual public school, which he also attends, though I teach High School and he's in Middle) so we spend a lot of time together as well. I love it! We don't actually entertain often, which is why this little party came about. It's nothing really fancy or formal, but it's a nice chance to invite over and thank a few of our friends we don't otherwise have over much and show we appreciate them. New Year's Day was a nice day of just hanging out with family. We finished the Star Wars puzzle we started over Christmas, and watched anime, and just hung out.
  8. Happy New Year!

    I hope everyone had an enjoyable evening last night, celebrating our start of a new year in the manner of your choosing. We had our (now traditional) relaxing evening of having a few friends over for pot-luck food, board games, and quality conversation. This year's game of choice Shakespeare: The Bard Game! (In which you run frantically all over London, collecting patrons, props, and actors of varying levels of ability in order to produce Shakespeare's various plays at the theatre of your choosing. The better the play goes off, the more points you get. Money is attained by busking, Shakespeare trivia, reading off monologues for the judgement of your fellow players, trading, brawling in the streets, or flirting. ) .
  9. Welcome Home Kin!!!!!

    What a cutie! We spent the holidays with the whole family, which includes all my little nephews and niece (ages 6.5, 4, and 16 month twins), and my 12 year old geekling son. I love spending time with the little ones!
  10. Welcome Home Kin!!!!!

    Yes! Good to see you again, too! So what has everyone been up to while we have all been off on our own separate adventures?
  11. Welcome Home Kin!!!!!

    Oh, definitely! I do not envy the folks handling updates on the back-end of such a massive endeavor as this site. The sites I manage are much smaller and do not include forums. I guess we will make up for missing the holidays with plenty of catching up!
  12. Welcome Home Kin!!!!!

    It's so nice to be back! It has been a lonely and quiet month-and-a-half!
  13. November Chitter Chatter

    Thanks! I've also found that almost every baby we bottle-feed ends up super social with other cats and with humans because they have different people tending them so often. We do 4-hour shifts 24/7, and most people only do 1-2 shifts a week, so they get handled and loved by a lot of volunteers, and then they live in rooms full of other kittens. :smile; The funny thing though, is introducing them to dogs. Both of mine freaked out with a very "OH MY GOSH WHAT IS THAT ANIMAL" reaction. Of course, our dogs are very chill with cats and friendly, so they've gotten over their fear of dogs and are convinced they rule the dogs instead.
  14. November Hangman: Late-Autumn Amusement

  15. November Hangman: Late-Autumn Amusement