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  1. Want some fresh points?

    Correct. Google is your best friend. And you have the right song. + 1 for both of you
  2. Want some fresh points?

    Hm... I need to learn how to manage quotes.
  3. Want some fresh points?

    :D But Garbage is correct!
  4. Want some fresh points?

    While stealing is good, I can´t find that line in the Black Sabbath song. Is it?
  5. Want some fresh points?

    Not the one I thought of but that´s okay. Correct. (Of course you would get that.) You have to wait for someone to post before you post again. :D Cindy - 2 + 1 Illian Tear - 1 Basel - 1 LZM - 1
  6. Want some fresh points?

    Correct. Do you have a nickname? Illian? IT? Correct Correct. Which artist are you thinking about? Cindy - 2 Illian Tear - 1 Basel - 1
  7. Of course you want! Here is a nice scene which I call "Lightie comes to the Dark side". If you want to call it "Shadowies are you overlords" it´s fine with me. (I can´t find the Ba´alzamon smiley! Where is it?) Anyway... As you see it´s made of parts of different lyrics. Find out what songs I have used. This is the BT so I don´t care if you "cheat" and use Google or call your grandmother (which might be needed) or whatever. Guess one lyric then let someone else post, and then you can guess again. You get more points if you guess the song that I had intended but also get points if you find another song with the same lyric. (S = shadowie, L = lightie) Early morning, April 4th S: Hello, it´s me L: Hello darkness, my old friend S: You came L: I need somebody L: I just can´t sleep, I´m so… S: What´s in your head? L: I think I´m paranoid S: There´s a hope that´s waiting for you in the dark L: What if I lose it all? S: With the lights out, it´s less dangerous L: Who would have thought? It figures. S: No escape from reality. Open your eyes and see… L: Take me home to the place I belong. S: Come as you are… as a friend… *shadowie brings the lightie to the dark cave* S: … as an old enemy S: We are your overlords!
  8. Roll Call: November 2017

    DONE Won´t count the December posts.
  9. January 2018 Roll Call

    Here. I have a lot of wishes for this year but we´ll see how it goes. I´m 42 now and, as we all know, 42 is the meaning of life, so I think it´s going to be a great year.
  10. Then I haven’t missed much. Great to to see you here again, Basel!
  11. Wow, already a new Tainted Times. Good work, Tress.
  12. Good luck, Tress. I have seen all movies except for two (maybe one, can´t remember if I actually saw Iron Man 3 or not). I haven´t seen any of the tv series though and I don´t plan to do it either. I just choose to skip them. I´m really looking forward to Black Panther and Infinity War this year.