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  1. Casual Peak-in

    *waves hello to the returning old timer* I joined in 2011 so we've never met, although I feel like i've been around for half of forever myself
  2. Nobody really does. It is the price we pay for not freezing our collective tuchuses off in the winter.
  3. Snow is the clouds pooping on us. *nod*
  4. I'm partial to Lan, myself. He's such a BAMF.
  5. Welcome, Vargas! We're glad you've joined us! So tell us, who are your favorite characters? What did you love the most?
  6. Roll Call: January 2018

    Your phone!!!
  7. Mmmm, brownies. DJ is my favorite
  8. Looking forward to being told to RAFO!

    Welcome, Zeustav! Thanks for popping in to say hello Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about the site... and make sure not to miss the social community section, it's a great place to meet people and make friends!
  9. I count 25 posts per page too. You're not wrong!
  10. *confused face* We can't click on the number of replies to see who's posted in the thread and how many posts per person anymore, but I can see the number of replies in the thread. Is that a moderator only thing now?