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  1. Myra

    Thanks -.-
  2. WAWC - Winter Ball

    *peeks in* *and well it seems that I have to adjust my sleeve lol*
  3. WAWC-Winter Olympic Trivia!

    Canada for the 3 questions ?
  4. WAWC - Ice Skating Pictionary

    I wanna play too ! this looks awesome
  5. The Pink Loincloth Tavern

    Work is getting wayyyyyyy too bad. Got more and more things to do *grumbles* Anthonys Song by Billy Joel ? I'll have to give it a try as well. I don't think I know that one
  6. The Pool !!!

    I am jealous lol !!!! Have you already enjoyed it? (also yeah, let's watch out for our drinks... i am sure that the RAs are nearby *nods nods*)
  7. I supposed you didn't forget to record it and that you'll post this later on the boards...
  8. The Pool !!!

    That is an excellent idea! *grabs a beer and pushes the next poster in the pool*
  9. Myra

    Very nice avvie, Cross! I love it! *makes a careful step back*
  10. Myra

    O.O *pushes Cross in the Moat with a thread of Air*
  11. Join the ACW Tuatha'an Camp

    *tries to bait the James with cookies*
  12. BFG

    mmmmh.... food :3
  13. Back in the Saddle again!

    sorry lol XD
  14. Myra

    *coughs* Work kept me from policing this thread ... but no one can't steal from Myra *glares* *counts the cupcakes* Now on the male-friends part, I have to say that it's easier for me to get along with guys, because they are so much easier to communicate with. Thane knows it and he has never said anything against it. I hope that your hubby will realize that having some time with a male friend doesn't mean anything. *huggles the Myra*