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  1. What is your most controversial opinion?

    Ye of little faith! Home Boy Thielen will run the game winning TD.
  2. What is your most controversial opinion?

    That sometimes regardless of how well thought out, or how much passion goes into believing in something, be it a movement, an idea, or an argument, sometimes that thing is just scientifically, factually, and logically wrong/incorrect. And no amount of whining, or counter arguments are going to stop it from being wrong. Examples: Anti-vaxxers, Anti-GMOs, "Organic", "sustainable" in the same sentence, Birthers, 9/11 conspiracy like jet fuel doesn't melt steel beams, Minnesota Vikings choking in the NFC championship game, flat Earth, creationism. All of those are generally wrong, specially the Conspiracy stuff and the anti science stuff. Vikings will #bringithome and #VikingsDestroyPatriotsInTheSuperBowl
  3. NFL Discussion

    I loved the walk of shame for a kneed field goal attempt. Laughed Soo hard.
  4. NFL Discussion

    Holy Cherry Picking Batman! Here's the whole paragraph, not just the pro-bowl players.
  5. NFL Discussion

    Are you watching NFL from 3 years ago? Because clearly yo're not seeing the same games everyone else is, :laugh:
  6. NFL Discussion

    Rofl. You'll be eating those words when we bring home the trophy. Luckily it won't have to travel far.
  7. NFL Discussion

    Vikings could Theoretically have a Revenge Playoffs. Saints are Over Rated Trash.
  8. NFL Discussion

    Bills v Vikings
  9. political meme's & lolz

    It took me longer then I care to admit, but
  10. Cats are better pets than dogs

    We have the technology, it can be done! We can do this!
  11. IQ tests

    Yea, and probably know it better then you know your history. Tests that originated from western civilizations. Localizing them doesn't solve any of the inherent issues with the test. You call it an uncomfortable truth that those people are dumber than whites and Asians, yet you can't seem to find comfort in the idea that human inteligence can't be quantified in numbers. If Latin america teaches america's version of the events, then I'd say that's american western propaganda work at it's finest. The fact that he whole sale slaughtered natives in search for gold... Course the way this thread is going you probably think George Washington actually chopped down a cherry tree because he couldn't tell a lie.
  12. IQ tests

    Except for the fact that Columbus never actually set foot on the North American Continent. Do you history bro? The whole story of Columbus as not a joke but a hero, was made up propaganda to make American-Italians more American. You can teach simplified history and still remain true without having to reteach entire segments of history because the truth is uncomfortable for some adults. You realize, BMI only exists because of Insurance companies and statistics? And Statistics are only good when your dealing with macro generalizations of a given sample size, as they are horrible at defining the individual in said sample size. Pretty much anyone in the know (in the health care industry/fitness industry) knows that BMI is a flawed system. Nurses/Doctors will often look at a patients chart and laugh and say "Well according to this, you are morbidly obese" when dealing with an Athlete. Clearly a fat patient, those same doctors/nurses will seriously inform the patient that they are obese... Generally it doesn't take looking at the chart to figure out if someone is morbidly obese or not. They basically only really use it because it's something their accountants superiors require them to $$$, and to statistically claim they are getting america more fit. (Which will horribly backfire, if they become morbidly obese fit.!) IQ tests are similar. They are constantly trying to devise new ways to test IQ, because every system is inherently flawed at figuring out how smart someone is. A perfect test wouldn't care where you live, how you grew up, or whether you can read/write, nor have any formal education. An Intelligence test that can be taken and accurately measure how intelligent someone is regardless of all that, is infinitely more accurate, then a test that caters to rich, highly educated countries and then pitting those same questions to poor underdeveloped, low educated countries. Hell, you even cite that middle eastern countries are significantly dumber then western nations, even though historically, the middle east was quite literally a thousand years more advanced in mathematics then the west until 800 years ago!
  13. IQ tests

    Bold: on that we agree. Italicized: Just because people around the world use/teach something, doesn't mean it's correct or accurate. It's like teaching Columbus in elementary School. Not only do we teach that he found america (he didn't) and that he was a great man (he wasn't) doesn't mean we should teach it that way, or that any of the stuff taught in grade school is even accurate (Why teach shit we have to unteach?). IQ tests are Inherently biased, they are inaccurate, and a horrible measure of intelligence. IQ tests are like BMI. Statistically it's kind of accurate, but a super athletic body builder, or a professional sports (NFL) player, can be considered morbidly obese by BMI standards when we both know someone that is 280 pounds with 4-6% body fat is healthier then someone who weighs 280 pounds and 90% body fat. BMI only calculates the ratio between height and weight. It disregards other metrics such as body fat %. (density) We have no good way to test true intelligence. What you require is a universal test, that doesn't require language, reading, knowledge, can not be studied for in any way, (as that would obviously influence the score) Basically you need a magic button that gives you a quantifiable number for intelligence... But that's a fools errand, You're trying to find some magical number that quantifies human intelligence.
  14. IQ tests

    I highly suggest you look up/research the flaws in IQ testing and not just the ones that support racist ideology.