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  1. The Ultimate Battle of Wits [Me'A November Game]

    I think Rhea is going to best James on Round 7 *nodnod*
  2. The Ultimate Battle of Wits [Me'A November Game]

    Now that I've successfully left you all in great suspense... You better watch out Oscar!!
  3. He is definitely interested in movement and destruction LOL! He is my little monkey, right now I'm unemployed and staying home with him until I start my new job. I spend all day with this cute little boy climbing all over me. I love him, but I'm kind of tired of being touched. I'm really not concerned at all about development, he was premature and still met every developmental milestone on time. I have no reason to worry. As a first time parent, that is my mantra so I don't freak out over the small stuff.
  4. Uh, my son will be 2 in May and can't do any of those things... And I thought he was so smart *laughs nervously*
  5. *snatches her flask back from Mills and holds it close* My flask...
  6. Correct!! Your turn!
  7. *Nod nod* I heard the call too. It's why I'm here. *Hands Mills a flask*
  8. Nope Lol, I do try to come up with something you might question your knowledge on at least!
  9. I've been to Mexico, England, Wales, Scotland, and France. We went to Wizard World ComiCon about 2 hours after my reception ended. I wanted to go on my wedding dress... But I couldn't wait to get that thing off lol! Go again?? Ok... 1. I am unemployed 2. I skipped about 1/4 of my freshman and sophomore years of high school 3. I am very skilled at talking backwards
  10. January 2018 Roll Call

    Do better communicating with others in a kind way. Be more active in church. Just generally getting settled now that we have moved back home.
  11. Congrats, that's wonderful!!
  12. *goes through a whole Gambit of emotions and suddenly the booze is back* *sighs happily* That was stressful...