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New Speculation over Wheel of Time Ending

Mashiara Sedai

In an interview with Brandon Sanderson about the recent release of Oathbringer, the third novel in his Stormlight Archive series, Brandon threw Wheel of Time fans a hinting tidbit:


Nathaniel Sager: What is the best cryptic statement you can come up with that will drive all your fans mad waiting to see what it means?

BS: Ooooh, ooooh. Best cryptic statement, huh? Let me see … That's a hard one because I have to really be careful what I say, because if I give too much away, the fans are really good at picking out things. I'm going to throw them a curveball, and it's going to be a Wheel of Time one. There are things about The Wheel of Time ending … there are secrets that fans have not yet discovered and which nobody has asked me about yet. Major things. Major, kind of world-shaking, Wheel of Time things that are foreshadowed in the last books that no one has yet figured out or asked me about. So, that'll drive them a little crazy.

This little statement blew the minds of many of us.  This fandom has been dedicated to answering all the questions regarding the ending of this series.  For Brandon to mention something that no one has even asked about seems so far fetched!  But here it is.  Now everyone has begun to speculate over what this missing question might be.

Could it possibly be about the Horn of Valere?  Maybe about Egwene and her Flame of Tar Valon counter to balefire?  Androl and his wonder gateways?  The True Power and its abilities now that the Dark One is sealed again?  I'd even suggest something about Nakomi, but I think we asked every question possible about her and her origins.

What else could it be?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Edited by Mashiara Sedai

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That was asked and answered.  He told us that Harriett wasn't wanting that.  It is something about the ending of the WOT, which we all missed.  It might have been posted, but it was something he said he wasn't asked about.

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