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I forgot, and regretted during the the downtime, the song of the girl who went, or was about to go to the moon. It is on the album Crash! Boom! Bang, a generally recommendable album, though perhaps I quote three songs of it:




And as an extra


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    •   Magazine fed Semi-automatic rifles chambered in .223, .556 and .762 with high capacity, rapid release magazines. You know, military grade stuff. Specific enough? I’m aware that full auto weapons are already banned, as they should be.   Essentially, looking at this issue from a public safety standpoint with the rash of shootings we experienced in 2017, the question is what sort of weapons that are currently available to purchase can inflict the most damage as quickly as possible? Gun violence may be impossible to stop but limiting the amount of carnage a person can inflict is a good idea imo. Frankly, as a gun owner myself and someone who believes that the individual should have the right to protect themselves, their family and their property, I don’t believe there is a good argument for why someone would have a need to have the sort of weapon that I described. They can still carry out their right with weapons less capable of causing mass casualties.
    • I am currently working on book 2 of the series and the books so far are great.
    • Okay, I can see that I'm making these too difficult. You may Google for the answers to the other questions, and I'll ask some easier ones instead.   #9 What are the four indoor Winter Olympic sports? #10 Two teams push 42 pound stones across the ice towards a target. Matches consist of 10 ends, and during each end a team scores one point for every stone of theirs which is closer to the center of the target than all of the opponent's stones. The sport is ________ ? #11 Which sport is a two-day event, combining both ski jumping and cross-country skiing? #12 When was the last time that the Summer and Winter Olympics were held during the same year?
    • Oh yes, many of  us have.   I'm a huge fan.  @Leyrann I'm sure has a few things to say about it as well.   Welcome, Kinslayer!  Poke around and explore a bit, don't neglect the social groups (they're a great way to make friends, seriously).  If you have any questions make sure to ask, we have some super helpful folks who are dying to answer them