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How to Join Our ACW Tuatha’an Camp


You are welcome to our fires. Do you know the song?


Have you decided to follow the Way of the Leaf?

Come on in, paint yourself up a wagon, and make yourself at home!

Take a seat at our campfire and tell us a little bit about yourself in this thread.

Please post the following information in this thread if you wish to join us and someone will be along shortly to set you up a thread on our Campfire board so you can start rising through the ranks of our Tinker Band as you showcase your works in our Wagon boards.


Your DM Name and any nicknames you prefer:

Your Wagon Interests - Art & Crafts, Writing, Hobbies (get specific if you like):

Your other interests/notable acheivements/things you want us to know about you:

Questions for us:

Your Email (Optional):

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Welcome to our fires!  (You’re not a member yet?)

*lol*  Kat will be along shortly to get your permissions changed. Until then, post where you can!

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    • Yes, the bobsled track is much faster with more vertical movement up the sides around turns, but not much different than the slide we used to have. It was the same concept, just much tamer, like riding a pony at a walk vs. riding a stallion at a gallop, but in both instances, you are riding a horse.
    • Entirely by chance I am currently learning and jamming out to that version with my ukelele wielding best mate haha
    • I tried an alpine slide up in New Hampshire this summer. It was fun, but it was very different to the summer bobsled thing.    Video
    •   I cut the cable, so I just have digital antennae TV now. Denver has two PBS stations, one that’s more local and independent than the other. They both have a few alternate channels that feature specialized programming. The alternate channels (much like TV versions of sub forums) don’t show up on cable or satellite—only the main channels are available there. I don’t know why.   Anyway, the more local, independent PBS channel has a sub channel that focuses on Asia and Asian-American issues, and they show Sumo wrestling at night.     We used to have an alpine slide in the foothills that was similar to that. You’d ride a little cart on a concrete track down the mountainside. It was a blast!
    • Oh ho ho, your going down Mills!  I'm in your head...wow, there's a lot or room here.  You know, I could use a place to have my man cave.  Could I put up a few things here?  Maybe a couch?  It's really comfortable!